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Interested in Owning your Own ShelfGenie? Here are Our 10 Top Priority Markets for 2019!

Posted Jan 17th, 2019

It’s 2019 and we’re excited to build on 2018’s rapid franchise system growth.   We established relationships with 12 new franchise partners in 2018 and we plan to at least double that number in 2019.   We’re in growth mode and we’re excited to add more fantastic entrepreneurs to the ShelfGenie family in 2019 who are ready to take advantage of the little wooden box that will change their life.


We’re searching for qualified franchise partners in every corner of the United States. If you’re an entrepreneur with the kind of passion, savvy and operational credentials we are seeking, you can succeed with this designed to scale model anywhere in the country.


But at the ShelfGenie corporate office, we also are thinking strategically, for the sake of the business, about where to invest valuable resources required to find and support new franchise partners. It is our desire and responsibility to grow in a solid and sustainable way to ensure the value of the ShelfGenie business and franchise far into the future.


A big part of that mission is recruiting new franchise partners, especially in U.S. metro markets where population increases and other factors suggest there is potential for long-term, sustainable growth for these owners.


Cities are hot, especially for millennial entrepreneurs who have been thriving as ShelfGenie franchise partners in recent years.  Millennials are attracted to high-upside career options and diverse lifestyle opportunities that are plentiful in urban environments, and they’re making smart investment decisions when they uncover good opportunities.


Millennials are especially flocking to some of the cities that are highest on ShelfGenie’s priority list, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Washington, D.C. At the same time, many traditional industrial cities enjoying a resurgence in the heartland also are attracting people for their affordability and distinct character, including St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Detroit – and we are targeting those markets for franchise opportunities as well.


So, here are the top ten places on our franchise development priority list of metro markets for 2019:


  • Los Angeles: California may be expensive, but there’s no denying the continued surge in population growth and high net worth residents in Southern California.
  • San Francisco: Silicon Valley remains a powerful growth engine for the San Francisco Bay Area, and ShelfGenie wants to recruit franchise partners there who can capitalize on the ideal customer base in the area.
  • Phoenix: The largest city in Arizona is increasingly attractive to retirees and a younger population as it takes on a tech-forward vibe that adds to the appealing climate.
  • Denver: A magnet for outdoors-oriented millennials, techies and foodies, the Mile High City boasts some of the most promising business-growth opportunities of any city in America…especially as its population continues to boom.
  • Miami: The urbane outpost of the Southeast sees its economy continuing to grow through its close association with Latin American trade and the liberalization of Cuba just 90 miles away.
  • St. Louis: It’s one of several Midwestern cities experiencing economic revitalization through a renaissance in manufacturing, and the city’s overhaul of the Arch national park is a boon as well.
  • Washington, D.C.: Fresh off its anointing as the future location of one of the two Amazon “HQ2s,” the area around the nation’s capital is also brimming with tech startups and growth that comes naturally from federal-government expansion.
  • Baltimore: We see opportunity for renewal in an old seaboard city that has undergone more than its share of social and economic misfortune in the last several years.
  • Pittsburgh: Once the buckle of the Rust Belt, Pittsburgh has been reviving on the strength of its reorientation as a capital of the thriving Internet of Things and other digital technologies.
  • Detroit: Now nobody’s doormat, the Motor City is booming thanks to a strong domestic auto industry and a complete overhaul of a newly thriving central business district.


There you have it: the ten cities where ShelfGenie is most interested in finding eligible, motivated and teachable franchise partners. It isn’t an exhaustive list of where we see opportunity, but if you’re located in or near one of these places, our prioritization of markets may pique your interest.


Click here to learn more about the ShelfGenie franchise opportunity, especially if you’re interested in leading the charge in the ten markets above!

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