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ShelfGenie’s Andy Pittman Discusses Employee Recruitment Strategies with Associated Press

Posted Jan 7th, 2019

Dozens of major media outlets, including ABC News, New York Times Miami Herald, Star Tribune, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, and FOX Business highlighted ShelfGenie’s Andy Pittman by publishing an Associated Press article entitled “Tips for Changing How Your Business Searches for Staffers.”

In today’s hot economy, few challenges are more daunting than finding, recruiting and retaining quality employees.   According to AP’s Joyce Rosenberg, who penned the feature story, “many small businesses are changing how they look for staffers because the tried-and-true methods may no longer work with a  shrinking labor pool and changing work force demographics.”

Rosenberg continued by highlighting specific tips from entrepreneurs and HR professionals, leading with this gem from Pittman:

“Keep at it – Recruiting has to be a daily part of your business. If you wait until you need people, you’re going to end up in trouble.” 

The AP turned to Pittman for this story because of the creative strategies ShelfGenie is rolling out nationwide to make recruiting a daily part of the business.   This includes two programs ShelfGenie franchise partners have implemented this year to find installers and designers in markets nationwide.

These programs are:

  • Striking up conversations while taking 10 Uber rides to determine if any of the drivers, who are often seeking high upside side job opportunities, could be a good fit.
  • And beyond that, offering $1500-$2000 incentives to current employees who recommend installers and designers who join the ShelfGenie family.

This is one of many major national features secured by Pittman and ShelfGenie this year – including two other phenomenal stories by the Associated Press and Wall Street Journal educating bosses/managers on how to recruit young employees and communicate effectively with them.

Due in part to this national exposure and an aggressive franchise development strategy, the ShelfGenie franchise family grew rapidly in 2018…and the company expects to double that growth in 2019.

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