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Wall Street Journal Featured ShelfGenie for Use of Chat Apps in the Workplace

Posted May 31st, 2018

ShelfGenie® was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal’s popular article “The Instant Message Generation Gap” for its part in connecting employees across age-groups using innovative workplace communication technology.

The article – written by renowned Work and Family columnist, Sue Shellenbarger – discussed how various companies are embracing popular instant messaging apps for internal communications. ShelfGenie was highlighted for its use of Slack, an instant messaging app used by most of their employees in their 30s and 40s.

“Slack has worked great for us at ShelfGenie because it has eliminated a ton of inbox clutter,” said Andy Pittman, CEO of ShelfGenie. “Slack allows us to organize conversations by topic and ensures that all employees are only included in the conversations where can offer value/expertise. It’s proved to be a fantastic tool for us and I encourage any other hesitant senior executives to embrace an IM tool like Slack at their office.”

The WSJ article was also referenced by, which highlighted a lighthearted story about CEO Andy Pittman’s decision not to use a Bitmoji caricature to represent his image on Slack.

Read more about ShelfGenie in the Wall Street Journal at

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