Brand-New Kitchen Shelves in Sugar Land

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At ShelfGenie® of Greater Houston, we streamline your kitchen without the need for an extensive remodel. Instead, we free up space, increase storage capacity, and make it easier to access every part of your kitchen, with brand-new kitchen shelves for homeowners in Sugar Land and throughout greater Houston.

Most cupboards and cabinets feature one to three shelves of standard height and depth. These shelves make it extremely difficult to neatly put away large kitchen gadgets, or to store pet food and other bulk dry goods. You might find yourself fighting to use every available inch of space, or you may have already resorted to using countertops and floor units for storage. The result is a kitchen that’s harder to use.

We remove the inconvenience of a kitchen that’s crowded, cluttered, or packed to the gills. We swap standard shelves with our very own Glide-Out Shelving®, which is custom-fitted to maximize all space available inside kitchen storage. Our designers target clutter hot spots and common kitchen frustrations, so your space is more convenient, functional, and simple to use.

How We Transform Kitchen Shelves in Sugar Land

We never take a standardized approach to redesigning your kitchen. At ShelfGenie of Greater Houston, we always take your needs and your preferences into consideration when we recommend any layout changes. In fact, you can weigh in throughout the design process. You’ll be paired with your own Designer, making it easier for you to identify common points of stress or frustration in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or pantry.

In turn, your Designer can visit your kitchen in-person reviewing the layout of kitchen shelves and learning more about how you use this space every day. We never make any changes to the way your kitchen looks on the outside. Our Designers specifically target cabinet interiors, incorporating design elements that reduce clutter and disorganization.

Custom-Built Solutions with Our Glide-Out Shelving®

With Glide-Out Shelving from ShelfGenie of Greater Houston, you’ll be able to get custom-built shelving that’s designed to fit snugly inside your pantry, cabinets, and cupboards. Our shelves are built by hand here in the USA, and they’re always built to the exact parameters of your cabinetry. That’s true for homeowners throughout the regions of:

  • Sugar Land
  • Houston
  • Cypress
  • Katy
  • Montgomery County
  • and throughout the Greater Houston area

We want you to fall in love with your kitchen again. With innovative organizing solutions and stylish kitchen shelves, we can transform your space and make that happen.

Re-envision your space with brand-new kitchen shelves. To speak to one of our Designers in Sugar Land, you can contact ShelfGenie of Greater Houston at (888) 903-8839.

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