10 Questions With the “Cabinet Whisperer”

Joseph Choi is a ShelfGenie designer based in Vancouver where he provides custom pull-out shelving solutions for clients. We sat down with Joseph to ask him a few questions, learn what makes him excited to get up every day, and get a peek behind the curtain of the man they call the “Cabinet Whisperer.”

Why are you called the “Cabinet Whisperer?”
Like anyone with the title “whisperer,” it means my team and I specialize in solving a problem. A local newspaper used the term in an article and it caught on. When people visit me at a trade show and say, “You’re the cabinet whisperer!,” I whisper back, “I see dead spaces”.

You used to be in the corporate world. Why’d you leave?
I’ve always said to my wife that I had a bigger calling outside the corporate world. I love creating custom design solutions with pull-out shelves. And I love delivering exceptional client satisfaction.

What are your design strengths?
Knowing you have a consistent process to fall back on, but more importantly, leading a discussion catered to the client’s needs. I’m very animated in our design appointments and help clients envision what their future would look like with our solutions. I also use place a demo kit into their cabinets so they can test it out. It shows me exactly how they operate in their space.

What excites you about your job?
I love getting up every day knowing that both clients and my team count on me to make this business work and grow. I love that we can be very creative with spaces and dream up solutions that would have otherwise not been possible.

Why is this a good investment for someone to make?
The level of product quality we deliver is unsurpassed.

What does it say on your business card?
My title began with Director of Customer Happiness but then I promoted myself to Director, Customer Happiness & Creator of Happier Space.

What does Director of Customer Happiness mean?
It’s a call-to-action that quickly communicates my goal.

How can you improve someone’s home-living experience?
Having two sets of parents who are living a life where they’re aging in their space, I know how important that is. I can help others enjoy the same privilege.

What do you offer customers?
After an install, any customer that gives me a nine or less [out of 10), will get a call from me. This is a statement to both my team and to the client the level of standard we set for quality and service.

What’s a word your best friend would use to describe you?
I would have to say self-confident. People see how I believe in myself and how I will things to happen. If you can think it, you can make it happen!

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