ShelfGenie featured in wall street journal for innovative communication practices in the workplace

In the Wall Street Journal’s recently published article “The Instant Message Generation Gap” ShelfGenie® was highlighted as one of many companies bridging the generational gap through internal chat apps and instant messaging.

The article by Sue Shellenbarger discussed how some of today’s companies are using instant messaging apps more frequently for internal communications, instead of relying solely on email or phone calls. ShelfGenie’s use of Slack, an instant messaging app designed specifically for workplace productivity, was featured as an example of how companies are adapting to new means of communication.

“Slack has worked great for us at ShelfGenie because it has eliminated a ton of inbox clutter,” said Andy Pittman, CEO of ShelfGenie. “Slack allows us to organize conversations by topic and ensures that all employees are only included in the conversations where can offer value/expertise. It’s proved to be a fantastic tool for us and I encourage any other hesitant senior executives to embrace an IM tool like Slack at their office.”

Read more about ShelfGenie in the Wall Street Journal at

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