Custom Kitchen Shelves in Ponte Vedra

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You used to love cooking and baking in your kitchen. Now, though, items are hard to reach and difficult to keep organized, leading to frustration. Instead of just living with the situation, ShelfGenie® of Jacksonville can provide the solution. We offer custom-made kitchen shelves to homeowners across Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, and other nearby areas in FL that will increase accessibility, organization, and enjoyment. Not only that, but they’re built to last and made in the USA.

About Our Kitchen Shelves for Ponte Vedra’s Homeowners

If you’re getting on your hands and knees to reach items in your cabinets, digging deep into drawers for tools, or struggling to find enough storage space in your pantry, you might think it’s time for a renovation. But ShelfGenie of Jacksonville offers a far simpler and more affordable option with our Glide-Out Shelves®.

Our shelves are designed to sit on rails, so with a single pull, you can extend them out fully, easily reaching every item on them. There is also a wide range of configurations, so we can improve space in your standard cabinets and pantry, as well as those more specialized ones, like your wine rack, spice cabinet, corner cabinet, and under sink area.

To determine what will work best in your kitchen, ShelfGenie of Jacksonville will first schedule a design consultation, during which we’ll measure your cabinets, assess their current storage space, and talk to you about your pain points and needs. We’ll then get to work creating a 3-D rendering, so you can see exactly what we’re recommending before committing to it. Once you’re ready to move forward, one of our professional installers will come to your home and install your new shelves within one day.

Love Your Kitchen Again with Shelves from ShelfGenie of Jacksonville

With ShelfGenie of Jacksonville, you’ll be surprised and thrilled with just how much storage space your kitchen actually has. Items will be more accessible and the space easier to use overall. Cooking, baking, and even cleaning will be a breeze without having to bend far down, reach high up, or stretch yourself to get something. If you’re ready to experience this difference with our custom kitchen shelves, we’re a call away in:

  • Ponte Vedra
  • Jacksonville
  • Saint Johns
  • St. Augustine
  • And throughout the surrounding area

For more on our custom kitchen shelves in Ponte Vedra, FL, call ShelfGenie of Jacksonville today at (888) 903-8839 to schedule a free design consultation!

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