Upgrading Your Kitchen Shelves in Jacksonville 

Kitchen Shelves

At ShelfGenie® of Jacksonville, we can transform your kitchen without making a single alteration to the outside surfaces of this space. We upgrade the insides of any kitchen storage with custom-built, custom-measured kitchen shelves. In doing so, we can free up counter space, de-clutter surfaces, and make your kitchen function just the way you want it to. We can help you discover the joy of the kitchen again

When storage isn’t built to fit your needs, it can have a ripple effect on the way you use and enjoy any space in your home. If you can’t reach the back of your cupboard, it’s easier to forget ingredients that are lying there. If you run out of space in your cabinet, you might start leaving items on the countertop instead, causing clutter to build up. We erase the need for quick fixes or frustration, upgrading your storage space so it truly works for you.

How We Increase Space, Reach, and Ease With Kitchen Shelves in Jacksonville

For homes everywhere in the country, most cabinets have one to three shelves, if they have any shelving at all. These shelves are built to standard parameters, meaning they’re often too deep to use to their fullest extent and too far apart for you to use all available space. That’s true for kitchen storage, bathroom storage, and storage throughout homes.

With custom Glide-Out Shelves®, we can completely change the state of home storage. Our Glide-Out Shelves are built in rails, so they extend out at full length. You’ll never have to strain to reach or rummage to find what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to get to every part of your kitchen easily.

We can group items by function and height, so you can fit more items in your pantry and your cabinetry. We always discuss design recommendations with you, so that we’re always creating solutions that fit your needs and your preferences, streamlining the way you use your kitchen.

Custom-Built Kitchen Shelves For Jacksonville Area Homes

With our Glide-Out Shelves, you can enjoy kitchen shelves that blend perfectly into your home. Shelving is customized to fit neatly inside your existing cabinets and storage spaces, with style options that fit the current look of your kitchen. We make it easy to enjoy the comfort of an intuitive, practical, and stylish kitchen, for homeowners everywhere, including:

  • Jacksonville
  • Saint Johns
  • St. Augustine
  • Ponte Vedra

It only takes three simple steps to get elegant and functional kitchen shelves for your space. Learn more about our design process by calling ShelfGenie of Jacksonville: (888) 903-8839.

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