Pull Out Shelves in Jacksonville: How To Streamline Your Kitchen

pull out shelves

You don’t have to sink costs into a full renovation to change the look or feel of your space. At ShelfGenie® of Jacksonville, we can streamline your kitchen by transforming the storage space you have. We take away clutter, adding pull out shelves and other special features that create space and bring improved organization to your kitchen.

Most kitchen storage doesn’t allow you to maximize the space that’s there. With shelves that are too high, too narrow, or too deep, you may have to stack jars on top of each other, or bury some items at the very back of the cabinet. It makes certain things very difficult to access, and it can give your kitchen a busy, hectic feel.

We restore elegance and clean lines to the kitchen with stylish add-ons like pull out shelves, dividers, extendable trays. For homeowners in Jacksonville, it improves ease and access while neatly keeping items in their proper place. Let’s take a look.

3 Ways We Can Transform The Feel of Your Kitchen with Pull Out Shelves

When we re-envision your kitchen, we want it to be ideal for you. That means identifying the pressure points you feel in your kitchen. We’ll then smooth them away with innovative design solutions. At ShelfGenie of Jacksonville, here’s just a few of the ways we can transform the functionality of your kitchen:

  • We put things in order. Finding the right item should be as simple as opening a cupboard. We group things together by purpose and size, adding custom-height pull out shelves so you can quickly grab the right spice from the pantry or cleaning solution from under the sink. It makes prep, cooking, and clean-up a breeze.
  • We decrease clutter. When things are kept out on the counters or floors, it can be a sign that your storage isn’t working for you. By increasing storage, we can find an accessible place for trash containers, bulk foods, and other kitchen features. Our triple-height Glide-Out Shelves® are an especially popular option for storing away garbage cans.
  • We add reach. When you have to strain to reach shelving above the stove, or get to the back of the cupboard, a better solution is needed. We incorporate pull down shelving in upper cabinets, extendable racks, and Lazy Susan-style cupboard shelves so you can get to the item you need in a flash.

With pull out shelves, Glide-Around Shelving, and other custom organizing solutions, we can re-think your kitchen. Get in touch with ShelfGenie of Jacksonville at (888) 903-8839 to schedule your first free consultation.

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