Re-Thinking Kitchen Shelves in Kansas City

Kitchen Shelves

We spend so much time in our kitchen, whether it’s looking for a late-night snack or starting the day with coffee and breakfast. If things aren’t easy to find or access, it can cause small, frustrating stress points throughout your day, every day. At ShelfGenie® of Kansas City, we make sure the time you spend in your kitchen is worth it, with organized and reachable kitchen shelves.

Our team of Designers are also experts in organization. We understand that a kitchen where everything has a proper place is a kitchen that’s easier to cook in, clean up, and navigate. We transform the way your kitchen works without ever changing the way your kitchen looks from the outside. Instead, our Glide-Out Shelving® can completely re-configure the layout and accessibility of your kitchen storage.

Our Approach To Kitchen Shelves For Kansas City Area Homes

Kitchen cabinets are often built with a one-size-fits-all approach. That means your kitchen shelves are probably designed with a uniform height, width, and depth in mind. Cabinetry below the counter may have little or no shelving at all. This almost always creates kitchen congestion: kitchen gadgets get tangled up, ingredients get forgotten at the back of cupboards, and high-up shelves go completely unused.

At ShelfGenie of Kansas City, we can fix that. We measure, fit, and install shelving that’s fitted to your purposes, to your kitchen items, and to your cabinets. Our Glide-Out Shelving can be customized in countless ways, with plenty of add-on features to give you separate compartments for cookware, spices, and kitchen appliances.

Our shelving units are completely extendable, built on rails so you can pull out any shelf to find, select, or replace anything you need. High-up shelves can be brought to your level. Utensil drawers can have custom dividers. We take the one-size-fits-all approach out of the kitchen, for a space that is designed and created with just you in mind.

In-Home Design Consultations Throughout The Region With ShelfGenie of Kansas City

As a local business, our Designers can travel throughout Kansas City and the surrounding counties for an initial, free in-home consultation. This allows us to meet you, see your current kitchen shelves in-person, and start thinking about how your kitchen can be reorganized for your needs. With ShelfGenie of Kansas City, you can always expect a design process that puts your convenience and comfort first. We proudly serve:

Learn more about our customizable kitchen shelves and their add-on features. Call ShelfGenie of Kansas City at (888) 903-8839 to speak to a Designer today.

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