Transforming Kitchen Shelves in the Nassau Area

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If your kitchen is a place of frustration and stress, maybe it’s time for a change. At ShelfGenie® of Long Island, we know that sometimes a kitchen can feel too small or too crowded, but it doesn’t have to. For homes in the Nassau area, we can transform the way your space is organized and laid out, with custom-built kitchen shelves and other innovative storage solutions that offer increased space and access.

When a kitchen is overcrowded or cluttered, the fault almost always lies with existing kitchen storage. When cabinets, cupboards, and pantries aren’t designed as well as they should be, the result is greater disorganization and more clutter in the kitchen.

When you can’t store items neatly in the cupboard, you might end up piling dry ingredients or cookware on shelves, making it harder to navigate these spaces. Or maybe you end up leaving items on the counter, giving you less room to maneuver in the kitchen. Whatever the case is, we can help identify the pain points of your kitchen and create solutions that erase clutter while increasing the functionality of your space.

A New Approach to Kitchen Shelves for Nassau Area Homes

With ShelfGenie of Long Island, it’s simple to overhaul your kitchen shelves. The outward appearance of your kitchen’s surfaces will remain as is. We will re-configure cabinetry from the inside, replacing outdated shelving with custom Glide-Out Shelves® that can increase storage capacity in your kitchen by as much as fifty percent.

We work closely with homeowners to see what’s not working in your kitchen and what you’d like to improve. Our shelves can be endlessly personalized to fit your needs, including full extension rails that give you access to everything on each shelf. We make sure that your kitchen is easy to use and easy to access at all times.

Hand-Crafted Shelving that’s Built to Last

With ShelfGenie of Long Island, our kitchen shelves are built by hand and meant to last. Each shelf is built right here in the USA, with premium-quality wood materials. We handle everything from a fully customized design of your shelves to installation so you can enjoy peace of mind.

We service:

Get more storage space and better functionality with our custom-built kitchen shelves. If you live in the Nassau area and want to learn more about our options for Glide-Out Shelving, call ShelfGenie of Long Island at (888) 903-8839.

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