Plan Your Fall Kitchen Makeover with New Pantry Shelves on Long Island

ShelfGenie Pantry Shelves

With the change of the seasons coming soon, it’s a great time to start thinking of ways to refresh your home. One simple approach is a pantry makeover. With pantry shelves from ShelfGenie® of Long Island, available across Long Island and Queens, you can dramatically increase the amount of space you have inside your pantry while also boosting organization and efficiency. You’ll love your new pantry and enjoy using it more.

Improve Life Inside with ShelfGenie of Long Island’s Pantry Shelves

Life inside your home is busy and your pantry is probably one of the most active spots. As a result of so much use, it’s easy for this space to quickly become cluttered and disorganized. At multiple times throughout the day, you may find yourself frustratingly searching for ingredients and household items.

That’s where our Glide-Out Shelves® can help. These work differently than standard shelving units because they’re built on high quality rails. With a quick pull, their gliding mechanism allows you to access everything you need without having to bend, reach, or strain.

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a narrow cabinet, we offer solutions to maximize every square inch of space. Our team understands how to configure shelving to make the most of your pantry’s space and can boost storage capacity by up to 50%. We also offer a variety of helpful organizational options, from dividers to zones and categories. When your pantry project is complete, everything will have a home and you’ll always know where your favorite items are stored.

Call ShelfGenie of Long Island Today for a Free Consultation!

ShelfGenie of Long Island takes a personalized approach to every project to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Our process begins with an in-home consultation, during which we’ll discuss your pain points and ways we can help. We’ll then create a 3-D rendered plan so you can visualize how our shelves will transform your pantry. Whenever you’re ready to proceed, our installer will perform the complete customized installation of your custom-fit shelves.

Our cutting-edge pantry shelves are available in many communities, including:

  • Long Island
  • Suffolk
  • Nassau
  • Queens

For custom pantry shelves that transform your pantry into a more functional space, call (888) 903-8839 to set up your free in-home design consultation on Long Island.

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