Pull Out Shelves on Long Island: Everything’s Within Reach

pull out shelves

Is your home lacking in the storage and organization department? Customizing your home for ease-of-access and improved storage can be much simpler and more cost effective than a full remodel. With pull out shelves from ShelfGenie® of Long Island, you can expand your storage space and make everything in your home more accessible.

Improve Storage with Pull Out Shelves on Long Island

Our unique organization solutions can help you increase the storage space in your cabinets by up to 50 percent. How is that possible? By replacing the half shelf in your cabinets with our fully-extendable pull out shelves, you are able to use every inch of space within the cabinet.

Pull out shelves also make your items easy to see and reach. Many homeowners have items in their cabinets they’ve forgotten about because they’ve been lost in the dark corners that are hard to see and access. With our pull out shelves, you’ll be able to find your items quickly and easily because everything will be at your fingertips and in full view. Because our shelves are customizable, you will be able to organize every item in your home efficiently.

In addition to adding additional space, our Glide-Out Shelves® increase the accessibility of your storage spaces as well. It’s no secret that as we get older, it is harder to reach items that are high up or down low. Our shelving solutions bring everything right to you, making it easy to see and reach what you need without straining yourself.

There are many ways you can incorporate our pull out shelves into your home. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, or home office, you can have a neat and organized home in no time!

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