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"Good product; very professional people to work with; designer (Ruth)had good suggestions; installer (Steve) arrived at appointed time; very efficient and left the kitchen probably cleaner than he found it !!
All in all I'm a happy camper."

- Kathy M., Boston, MA

"The product is wonderful and the installer was very efficient and personable. A truly great experience."

- Bruno S., Stoneham, MA

"Very professional, accurate and considerate service. They want the shelves to work for you, and take the time to talk to you about how you plan to utilize each shelf. They give helpful suggestions as you  individualize the arrangement of items in each cabinet. The installation process was prompt, and very neat. Thanks!"

- Elizabeth O., Oakham, MA

"1- Quality of shelves. 2- How easily they glide. 3- Installer - he was excellent!!! 4- Salesperson"

- Laura M., Brewster, MA

"Everything! Great and very useful concept!"

- Amy S., Mansfield, MA

"It was professional and timely. My goal was to improve access to my lower cabinets as well as organize and maximize the existing space. My goal was achieved....I appreciated the advice and the neat and very efficient installation."

- Joan D., Wayland, MA

"I love the shelves because they make my life much easier - especially my back and knees."

- Amelia M., Dennisport, MA

"I feel that my bedroom closet doubled in size! My kitchen cabinets are so much neater and I can find things!"

- Mary-Ellen S.

"Great people! Great product!"

-Colleen H.

We are extremely happy with our new shelves. We were impressed with how expertly and neatly the work was done with no fuss or mess.  Thanks for a job well done!

Dealing with the ShelfGenie “genies” was so easy and they have such good ideas and wonderful products.  My kitchen is now truly accessible with no longer need for a flashlight to view contents at the rear of pantry shelves. Also, I used to have to “hoist and move” heavy file boxes and other materials in my home office and now I can file and consult with a simple pull-out of the drawers – just plain magic!

Thank You!!! Bobby and I are thrilled. It is truly beyond our expectations. Look forward to having you and Raffi to the farm when it is convenient for you.  Good luck with your endeavors. This company and its people are the best.

I love my new shelves.  They went in great.  They just make my life so much easier.  I love them as much as I thought I would.  So, Thanks.  I’m so glad I saw you at the Home Show.

ShelfGenie- I had decided that I needed sliding shelves in some of my kitchen cabinets. At first I was going to go to a store and buy the do-it yourself shelves but I decided to call ShelfGenie for a free estimate.  I am sure glad that I did.  While their product was more expensive, there is no comparison on quality. From the very first contact with Kim (saleswoman) to the owner coming to custom measure and later install my sliding shelves, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Kim gave me many ideas that I hadn’t thought of (or could have accomplished with the do-it yourself products).  The owner / installer Raffi was highly professional and extremely neat.  It is so amazing how organized and efficient my cabinets are now.  I truly have more room and much easier access to everything in the cabinets.  ShelfGenie shelves are one of the best investments that we have made to our home and I would highly recommend the shelving system and the people behind the product.

My wife and I contacted ShelfGenie about installing slide-out shelves in our kitchen.  Everyone connected with ShelfGenie, from the salesperson to the installers, was highly professional and thorough. The shelves were installed in less than three hours and clean-up was meticulous.  My wife loves the ShelfGenie shelves and we are very happy with every aspect of our connection with ShelfGenie.  We will highly recommend ShelfGenie to all our friends.

We have older cabinets (25 years), just open shelves.  I would have to get down on the floor to get the pots, plastic or appliance I needed.  With the glide outs everything is completely accessible and organized. We have a blind corner near the sink.  My husband and I could never get anything out of there quickly (or quietly) when our family came for dinner over for the holidays.  Thanksgiving should go off without a hitch this year!  Thank you Lori and Raffi for your helping to make our cabinets more efficient and fun….I love showing them off to friends and family.

This is a great concept!  We just purchased an historic house in Salem, MA.  Shelf Genie installed custom ‘pull outs’ in most of the kitchen cabinets.  The installation went smoothly and right when they said it would be.  We have never had such an organized and easy-to-use kitchen.  We owned our previous home for 40 years, and I don’t know how we got along without ‘pull outs’!

ShelfGenie saved my back-no more bending and reaching into cabinets-a neat and easy way to access pots, pans, and kitchen items.  I love that my cabinets are organized.  The installation was quick and clean, and the people I dealt with were more than pleasant and accommodating.

I was so unhappy with my old kitchen cabinets…they looked nice on the outside but inside they were very inefficient…dark, cramped and just basically open cupboards.  I used to have to pull half the pots out to get at the one I needed.  We saw Shelf Genie at a home show and decided to try it on a few of our lower cabinets.  Lori came over and gave us a free estimate, suggesting the best ways to utilize what we had.  My husband said we could only do a few cabinets (he watches our budget carefully) so Lori suggested which ones would give us the most ‘bang for the buck’.  The guys came out and installed the system in some of our lower cabinets and all I can say is WOW.  They look great, but more importantly, they function a whole lot better.  No more digging around looking for the right pot or platter…everything is easy to see and reach.  We hope to have the rest of the cabinets done later this year.  Thanks ShelfGenie!

Great service & great product.

Even though I find the pricing a bit high; it was well worth it for me to have these pull out shelves installed in my cupboard.  I can now use the space in the back and can see everything in a glance.  The shelves are easy pull out and push in.  The consultant that came to my house to measure and then install was very professional, courteous of my house, and extremely proficient in his job.  The installation was a dream come true.  I am very satisfied with ShelfGenie and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in obtaining such shelving.

Love the product and it makes our pantry so much more usable.  Looks great and good quality.  Love it!

Great product!  Wonderful service and extremely satisfied with the new shelves.  I could NOT be happier with you and your product.

Love the product, my kitchen is more organized, I feel it is a quality product, sturdy and made well. Had a great experience from the consultation to the installation.

The whole experience was wonderful, start to finish.  They did what they said they were going to do, the installation was on time and done expeditiously.  I was extremely satisfied.

The quality and workmanship of the shelving, the guaranty of the product, the ease in discussing my needs with Jeff and the professionalism of installation by Steve were all excellent.   All around a great job.

I love the ShelfGenie options.  It has really helped me organize better and not feel so much like i need to redo my whole kitchen.  It really helped to update my kitchen in a practical way.  I honestly will recommend ShelfGenie to my friends.

The installer was awesome and very neat.

Very happy with the product and the staff we’ve dealt with in the process.

The “Shelf Genie” provides a much needed product which makes storage in cabinets, closets, etc. a way to organize and make readily available for view of canned foods, jars and bottles.  My new cabinet drawer shelves make finding things easier by seeing all the way to the back of what would have been out of sight in a standard, cluttered, kitchen cabinet.  Also you no longer need to get down on your hands and knees to view what’s at the back of your lower cabinets.  You just slide it out, the entire depth of the cabinet and what’s in the back is instantly visible and accessible.  These sliding shelves have made my and my fiancé’s life a lot easier in the kitchen and even under the bathroom vanity!

Great product!  Would and already have told numerous people about this fantastic solution to kitchen efficiency…

Good service and quality products.

Excellent product and service.

We saw an ad in a flyer or newspaper that showed a picture of these rolling shelves that looked like they would solve a storage problem we had in the pantry.  The owner/salesman came to our house at our request.  He was very professional listened to what we needed and showed us the options he had available.  We were impressed with his presentation and the quality of the sliding wood shelves.  We ordered the units, which were made to our measured requirements (they are not off the shelf units).  The shelves arrived a few weeks later and their very friendly and professional carpenter installed them.  It has been about 9 months since the installation and the shelves are performing admirably.

From beginning to installation, everything was so easy.

I decided to go ahead with a project I had been lusting after for quite a while…ShelfGenie!  The idea of having my kitchen cabinets perfectly organized, with every needed item available to me at the pull of a drawer excited me beyond words.  While at a local home show, I signed up for a consultation.  Jeff arrived promptly at the scheduled time.  He gave me several options for various configurations of cabinets and drawers, with enough price point differences to make it intriguing.  Being a compete pushover for organization, I wanted to outfit every cabinet in my kitchen.  Good sense and a finite budget prevailed though, and I opted for a large double pantry, and one under-sink cabinet. Jeff’s two-man crew arrived on the appointed day and time.  They covered my front hallway and kitchen floors, removed the old shelves, reconfigured a wall in the pantry, and installed the ShelfGenie glide out drawers.  They were precise in everything they did; they even measured my cereal boxes to ensure that there would be minimal wasted space between shelves.  Everything was cleaned up perfectly when they were done.

The shelves are fabulous!  Everything is organized and neat.  The shelves glide out easily, and seem to give me way more room than I had before.  I highly recommend Shelf Genie; the product and the company are first rate!

These folks remind me of how service providers “used to be.”  They were exceptionally responsive and reassuring.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

We had been looking on installing these for a while.  In December of 2011, the sales woman (Elizabeth) called and said they were running a promotion and wanted to know if we were interested. We decided to pull the trigger.  The installer (Clark) came in and took the measurements.  The deal was, I was going to widen the opening to the pantry so we could get the widest shelving possible. After they took the measurements, I opened the wall to find that it was not structured the way I thought it was.  I had to call the installer back to have him measure again.  They were very nice about cancelling the order (it had only been a week) and re-measuring the opening.  After I got the opening done and plastered the wall, they called back (about 5 weeks later) to say that the shelves were in and when could they come to do the install.  Clark was very accommodating to my schedule. The 7 shelves (6 pull out and 1 stationary) were installed in about 5 hours.  Clark was very clean and did not make too much noise.  We LOVE the shelves.  Would definitely work with these people again.

Their service worked out great.  They delivered what they said they would.

If I could give this company an A+ I would.  They were completely professional and nice every step of the way and I was always comfortable having them in my home.  Now my story and why they deserve the A+ rating.  I have a very deep corner cabinet that required me to get on my knees and “crawl” in to reach the things farthest back.  The entry door is small and cannot open too far without hitting the fridge.  The installation was smooth and quick but alas my pots and pans no longer fit in the way they used to.  Not knowing what to do I asked if the unit could be removed and Jeff, president of the company came (the 4th visit).  He looked at my things and most efficiently reorganized them so all fit in.  Then he said try it for a month and then decide if I wanted them removed. Long before the month was up I knew I would never give them up.  I have the 4 piece corner unit and now everything comes to the front for access. all the parts slide so easily and I use more of my pots and pans than before as they are all so easy to reach.

Everyone from this company was a pleasure to deal with from the appointment scheduler to the onsite personnel.  I also have a few more ShelfGenies in mind for the future.

I was very happy with their service.

They were very professional.  They did a great job.  They showed up right on time.  They actually even helped fixed one other small thing in the home at no additional cost.

Their service was fantastic.  The product was fantastic.  They are very clean.  I would hire them again.

They did a wonderful job.  Their service turned out great.  They arrived when they said they would. They did the job in the amount of time they said they would.  They cleaned up well after themselves

They came in at the assigned time and worked diligently until completion.  They were understanding and listened to the customer regarding minor changes that were needed during the course of the work. They were very professional.

Their customer service was excellent and any questions I had they followed up with me promptly. Anytime they had special offers they would call and tell me about it since I voiced I would use them in the future.  They never made me feel pressured to go further with the work though.  When they came to install the actual shelves they were very clean and showed up on time.

Salesperson on time and efficient.  Installer on time worked intensively.  Reviewed all installation and supporting detail so I use it properly.

Lori came to my daughter’s apartment & my home.  Explained the system, took preliminary measurements.  Sold the system.  Was very professional & punctual.  Rep came to do precise measurement.  Shortly after Steve came to install.  Extremely neat work.

Dealing with this company was fantastic.  They arrived on time for appointments, they were extremely careful during installation to make sure that no damage was done to the outside of the cabinets or the flooring.  The staff was congenial and polite.  Their workmanship was outstanding. We love the product and have ordered from them again and recommend them to other neighbors who have access problems reaching lower shelves.