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Kitchen Shelves

If your kitchen cabinets are cluttered and cramped and you have a hard time reaching items, there is a better way. It’s with ShelfGenie® of Metro DC. We offer custom kitchen shelves to homeowners across the Leesburg and Reston, VA areas. When you hire our professional team, you’ll get more than just new shelves, but increased space, efficiency, and function. You’ll enjoy your kitchen more and experience less frustration, as a result.

About Our Kitchen Shelves for Leesburg’s Homeowners

Stop hurting your back or getting on your hands and knees to reach pots, pans, baking sheets, and ingredients. Instead, with ShelfGenie of Metro DC, we put everything within easy reach. Your kitchen will make more sense with our custom shelves, while we maximize storage, giving you an amount of space that will surprise you.

It’s thanks to our unique and one-of-a-kind Glide-Out Shelves®. These shelves are designed to operate on rails, so with one pull, you can fully extend them and easily access everything, even those items that are deep within. It’s offered in a range of configurations and sizes, from double height to shelves with risers for under the sink and those for wine racks and spice cabinets.

To determine what’s best for your space, our process starts with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your specific pain points and problems, as well as your lifestyle. We’ll then make recommendations and even create a 3-D rendering, so you can see how our solutions will work in your kitchen. Once approved, we’ll send professional installers to install your new shelves, a project that can be completed within a single day.

Love Your Kitchen Again with Shelves from ShelfGenie of Metro DC

With ShelfGenie of Metro DC, we can breathe new life into your kitchen with our shelves and other solutions, all of which are made in America. You’ll be happier using your space, whether you’re just cooking for fun or regularly host big family gatherings. All those tools, items, ingredients, and more will be in reach when you’re using them and kept completely organized when you’re not. We provide the path to a kitchen that performs better, so you can enjoy it more.

New kitchen shelves are just a call away in our service areas, including:

For more on our custom kitchen shelves in Leesburg, VA, call ShelfGenie of Metro DC today at (888) 903-8839 to schedule a free design consultation!

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