Transforming Your Kitchen Shelves in Reston

Kitchen Shelves

Poorly designed storage can disrupt the functionality of your kitchen. When your kitchen shelves don’t make it easy to retrieve items or use the full space available, they end up causing clutter, disorganization, and stress for many homeowners in Reston. But it shouldn’t be so difficult to get proper, custom-fitted kitchen storage.

At ShelfGenie® of Metro DC, we transform the insides of kitchen cabinetry with custom, pull-out kitchen shelves. With a wide range of Glide-Out Shelving®, you’ll be able to quickly reach items from cupboards that were previously unreachable or overly cluttered. For homes in Reston, it’s the perfect way to invest in your kitchen space without splurging on a high-cost, high-stress renovation.

3 Simple Steps For New Kitchen Shelves in Reston

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the kitchen. A truly functional kitchen is one that’s configured to your preferences and the way you use the space. When we re-design your kitchen shelves, we make every item easy to reach, paying special attention to your likes and dislikes.

For kitchen shelves in Reston, here’s the three simple steps we take to change the way your kitchen works:

  • A design consultation. We always like to see your kitchen first, and get a sense of what you want to see improved. We’ll start with an in-home consultation at no cost to you.
  • A design plan. Your Designer will start mapping out new organizing solutions immediately. We’ll show you what your kitchen will look like with new, innovative, and seamless features from ShelfGenie of Metro DC.
  • Complete installation. We start building custom Glide-Out Shelving once you’re happy with your design plan. Then, we’ll do a complete, professional installation, bringing more space and more reach into your kitchen.

Local Design Experts and High-Quality Kitchen Shelves in Reston

At ShelfGenie of Metro DC, our team is local to the region, with Designers and Installers who can travel to homes in and around DC:

You can always be sure of the high-quality shelves you’re receiving. Each of our units is handcrafted in the USA, made carefully to the measurements of your cabinetry. Shelves come with a warranty for parts as well as installation. We build things to last, so you can enjoy the ease and function of your kitchen for years to come.

Want to find out more about kitchen shelves and other design solutions from ShelfGenie of Metro DC? Contact our design team in Reston by calling 888-903-8839.

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