Getting Brand-New Kitchen Shelves in Miami Beach

Slide out shelves with scoops in the front - Kitchen Shelves

When you’re moving into a smaller home, space is almost always a big question. That’s especially true when it comes to kitchens. ShelfGenie® of Miami works with homeowners throughout Miami Beach and beyond, to increase overall storage without altering the appearance of your kitchen. We re-haul and redesign the way your indoor storage works, with kitchen shelves that re-invigorate your space.

You don’t need a full-scale renovation to change the way your kitchen looks, feels, and functions. Often, kitchen storage is at fault when a kitchen is too cluttered or too difficult to navigate. That’s because cabinets aren’t designed to withstand the many cooking ingredients, gadgets, and appliances of modern living.

Most home kitchens come with shelves that are built at a default size, meaning you can never truly use the space inside your pantry or cupboard without causing clutter and pile-ups. We remove all these friction points, leaving you with a kitchen that’s a dream to use without skimping on style.

Kitchen Shelves in Miami Beach

How does it work? With ShelfGenie of Miami, it’s a simple, three-step process to get the kitchen shelves of your dreams. For homeowners throughout Miami Beach, we offer in-home design consultations with our expert Designers. We review the current storage configuration, discussing some of the points of frustration and clutter that are causing you grief. Next, we’ll start dreaming up a new setup for your kitchen storage.

Our Glide-Out Shelves® are key to any kitchen transformation we offer. These sleek units live on extendable rails, so you can pull out shelves and access everything inside your kitchen instantly. Our custom shelving is always built to the specifications of your existing storage spaces, so that it’s easy, practical, and uncomplicated to re-haul your storage options.

ShelfGenie of Miami Upgrades Home Storage Throughout Southern Florida

Installation is the third and final step to achieving your ideal kitchen. Once you’ve signed off on our design solutions, your shelves are built according to the design plan. Then, you’ll get a visit from our professional Installers. We provide full installations no matter where you’re based in Southern Florida, such as:

A kitchen that’s easy to use, practical, and stylish is a kitchen that brings more joy and more comfort. At ShelfGenie of Miami, that’s what we can offer you.

If you live in Miami Beach, get a sneak peek of your brand-new kitchen shelves. Getting started with ShelfGenie of Miami is as easy as calling us today at (888) 903-8839.

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