Pull Out Shelves for Miami Kitchens: Minimizing Clutter 

pull out shelves

When you can’t easily move around your kitchen, grab ingredients you need, or take full advantage of your countertops, it’s time to get organized. At ShelfGenie® of Miami, we know that most cabinet storage isn’t designed for you to maximize the space you have. Instead, you may need to install pull out shelves that can help you get what you need out of the kitchen.

When clutter adds up in the kitchen, it’s a sign that other spaces aren’t working as intended. Our organizing experts can observe how you use your kitchen and make recommendations to decrease clutter while adding accessibility.

3 Pain Points We Can Improve With Pull Out Shelves

For most kitchens in Miami, there are always a few areas that seem to attract clutter and overcrowding. These spots are often pain points that make it tougher to prep, bake, cook, clean, and otherwise enjoy your kitchen.

While pull out shelves are just one of the many custom features we can introduce to your kitchen, they’re also one of the most transformative. Here’s three common household pain points that we can address with these units:

  • Your pantry shelves. Pantries tend to be the place where everything goes. It means that finding the exact thing you need takes more time and work than it should. We sort and separate out pantry goods by function and size, with Glide-Out Shelving® specially designed for each item. The result is a tidy pantry where everything has its own place.
  • Overflowing cabinets. It’s common for baking dishes to get mixed in precariously with cutting boards, pots, and cookware. We streamline your cabinets, incorporating dividers, compartments, and extendable shelving. That way, you can easily navigate this space without toppling any items in the process.
  • Counters and floors. When cabinets and cupboards are hard to access, countertops are one of the first places that clutter accumulates. We go back to the basics by removing any clutter from counters, floors, and other surfaces. Because our pull out shelves hold up to 100 pounds, you’ll find new places for all those items stored out in the open.

At ShelfGenie of Miami, we love seeing the look on our clients’ faces when they see their transformed kitchen for the very first time.

Select pull out shelves and other organizing features that make your kitchen shine. Contact ShelfGenie of Miami at (888) 903-8839 to schedule your first consultation.

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