Brand-New Kitchen Shelves in Mequon 

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At ShelfGenie® of Milwaukee, we erase the stress, clutter, and chaos of a kitchen that isn’t working for you. Instead, we transform your cabinets and cupboards, with brand-new kitchen shelves for homeowners in Mequon. We can add to the storage that you have available, decrease the overall clutter of your kitchen, and make your space feel like brand-new.

We make all that happen without making a single alteration to the way your kitchen looks from outside. Your Designer will consult with you closely throughout the redesign process, with in-home meetings that give you the chance to weigh in on every aspect of your design plan. We​​​​​​ re-haul existing shelves, replacing them with Glide-Out Shelves®​ that give you complete access to everything in your kitchen.

Our Glide-Out Shelves can be pulled out completely. Because they glide out on sleek rails, they offer full extension and increased reach to every part of kitchen storage. You’ll be able to grab what you need and keep going, for more space and more joy in the home.

Custom-Fitted Kitchen Shelves for Mequon Area Homeowners

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get a kitchen you’ll love. ShelfGenie of Milwaukee pairs you with your very own Designer, who will work with you from start to finish to make sure you’re getting your dream kitchen. We’ll walk through your existing setup, getting an up-close look at your kitchen’s layout. It’s also a chance for you to meet your Designer and communicate your preferences and what you want from this space.

Your Designer will collaborate with you to offer customized design solutions to erase the clutter and stress of your kitchen. With 3D-rendered design plans, you’ll be able to get a quick preview of your kitchen, for your comfort and satisfaction.

Providing Lasting Solutions To Storage Problems With ShelfGenie of Milwaukee

With ShelfGenie of Milwaukee, you can receive as much as fifty percent more storage space in your kitchen. But we don’t just target your kitchen shelves. We also have custom-fitted shelving and solutions to pain points throughout your home storage. We can transform bathroom cabinets to basement storage for every home in the areas of:

Our shelving is made to stand the test of time. Each unit is built by hand, with sturdy wood materials and premium finishes that look right at home in your kitchen, office, or garage. It’s the perfect way to invest in your space.

For homeowners in Mequon, ShelfGenie of Milwaukee offers free consultations in your own home. To get brand-new kitchen shelves, get started by calling (888) 903-8839.

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