More Storage With Kitchen Shelves in Minneapolis

Kitchen Shelves

At ShelfGenie® of the Twin Cities, we ease the everyday frustrations of a kitchen that’s too cluttered or disorganized for you. We do this by expanding on your overall storage, improving the function of kitchen areas, and making every part of your pantry and cabinetry easy to reach. And we do it without a full remodel. Instead, we install fitted kitchen shelves and create other innovative solutions for homes in Minneapolis.

When a kitchen isn’t organized to your benefit, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for, or use all the storage space that’s available. Many people resort to piling up cookware and kitchen ingredients, creating a precarious situation that can be frustrating to navigate. Or you may resort to leaving items out on counters or the floor, giving you less space to move around.

We offer an alternative. By reorganizing the interiors of your cabinets and your pantry, re-hauling your kitchen shelves, and providing increased reach, we can make your kitchen work the way it should.

Our Approach To Home Organization and Storage With Kitchen Shelves in Minneapolis

With ShelfGenie of the Twin Cities, you can get practical, stylish organizing solutions to every room in your home. We look for ways to increase your overall storage capacity, streamline the function of cupboards and closets, and store items in the exact places you’d expect to find them.

This can erase clutter from surfaces in your home, transforming the way your bathroom, office, garage, and den look on an everyday basis. Everything will have a proper place, and you’ll be able to access items in an instant, for a home that’s intuitive, comfortable, and enjoyable to spend time in.

How We Bring Kitchen Shelves To Minneapolis Area Homes

ShelfGenie of the Twin Cities has organizing solutions and design services available to homes throughout Hennepin County and beyond:

  • Minneapolis
  • Eagan
  • Edina
  • Maple Grove
  • Eden Prairie
  • Woodbury

We make it easy to pick out kitchen shelves you love without ever stepping outside of the home. Our Designers are locally based and travel to you for an in-home consultation. We take a look at your current kitchen setup and discuss some of the frustrations you face in this space, then set about correcting those issues. We even install your shelving units, to make sure they’re the perfect fit for your home and your life.

Get kitchen shelves that revitalize your storage options. Minneapolis area homeowners can call 888-903-8839 to speak to ShelfGenie of the Twin Cities.

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