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It is a perfect retrofit to my different sized cupboards... i love how i can find my pots, pans and storage containers so easily now. I fit more pots and pans in my cupboards.

-Vivian D., Burlington, ON

Your sales representative was very knowledgable and not at all forceful. Made us feel very comfortable. We love the product.

- Barbara M., Burlington, ON

I would have to say the service and the quality of the workmanship stand out for me. John was very flexible with dates and times to work, and he took tremendous pride in the quality of his work. He gladly accepted the challenge of fitting some unique cupboard spaces in my home and the end result is a beautiful and much more functional kitchen. I would recommend him and ShelGenie unconditionally.

- Kevin G.

The installer was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

- Richard M.

Great way to maximize space!!

- Joan C.

John was so friendly and knew his product inside and out. He was not lying when he said that I would LOVE my new drawers. He even went above and beyond and changed some of my old door hinges that weren’t working anymore. Fantastic service, fantastic product (to me in a timely manner and with flexible times to do the install). I would recommend him and shelf genie to anyone!!! Can’t wait to finish the rest of my kitchen!! Many thanks!!

- Megan S.

I love the upgrade to the drawer cabinet in my kitchen. The original drawers were poor quality, heavy, and could fall if pulled to far out. My new custom drawers are strong, smooth running and I can use the space more efficiently. Do not need a new kitchen now!

- Pat H.

All available space is now accessible and usable.

- Peggy P.

I am disabled and in a wheelchair. My arms are weak. The shelving is accessible and easy to pull down and out. It is sturdy yet light to handle. It is also attractive when open to view.

- Barb J.

Very smooth and quiet – no wobbly pull out – also my son was very impressed with the quality and noticed the bumper guard on the door side of the pantry shelves. I keep the flyer ad taped to the pantry door because I love showing off my new found freedom to find things at the back of the pantry so I don’t have to bend down and pull out the front items to get to the back items. Your flyer ad which I kept for two months before deciding to get the shelves, was what got me interested in making my senior life a little easier. My installer, John Stark was efficient and knowledgeable about the product and I would highly recommend ShelfGenie.

- Yvonne M.

Can finally see what’s in the pantry!

- Kim S.

The quality of the materials and installation were excellent.

- Dave D.

John took the time to ensure that the gliders are tailored to OUR needs. Everything is easily accessible all the way to the back of the bottom cupboards including items on the lowest shelves. Now, both my disabled husband and myself, can find and reach anything needed with ease and there are no more ‘lost’ or unreachable items.

- Susan & Larry K.

The quality is amazing but best of all, the functionality makes life so much simpler.

- Catherine C.

The corner unit which replaced my lazy Susan is very unique and well crafted and extremely functional. We were able to make a few improvements on site as well, which allowed the system to fit our personal needs.

- David N.

The rep worked with me to design a pantry that I would be happy with. The product quality is great.

- Ruth N.

I am super organized now. I can easily get the things I need!

- Maria R.