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You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. But it might not function as well as it once did. You’re having to get on your hands and knees to reach items or dig around in cabinets and drawers in search of what you need. It’s frustrating and can even be physically painful. But ShelfGenie® of Nashville has the answer. With our custom kitchen shelves for homes across the Shelbyville and Nashville areas, we’ll get your space working for you, so everything is within easy reach. You’ll enjoy your kitchen more, improving the quality of time spent in it.

About Our Kitchen Shelves for Shelbyville’s Homeowners

When you hire ShelfGenie of Nashville, you’ll get increased storage, accessibility, and organization thanks to our Glide-Out Shelves®. These shelves sit on rails so you can extend each shelf out fully, getting to the backs of cupboards with just a quick motion. We offer many configurations for areas ranging from under the sink to wine racks and spice cabinets, pet food storage, pantries, and more. All our solutions are also hand-crafted and made in our manufacturing facility just south of Birmingham, Alabama.

At ShelfGenie of Nashville, we’ll design and build your shelves so they maximize the storage capacity available inside your cabinets. The process begins with a consultation phase, during which we’ll measure and examine your existing cabinets, as well as discuss your pain points and lifestyle needs. We’ll then create a 3-D rendered plan you can review, so you have total confidence in your decision. We’ll even install your new shelves in a single day, so there’s very little down time. That’s why so many homeowners in Shelbyville count on us for custom kitchen shelves.

Love Your Kitchen Again with Shelves from ShelfGenie of Nashville

At ShelfGenie of Nashville, our goal is to do more than install kitchen shelves in your home, but create a space you love once again. We want to make life easier, so you can enjoy the small things, like baking with your family or hosting that big Sunday dinner. You’ll have additional storage, easier access, and a better organized kitchen in a way that’s cost-friendly. Your new kitchen shelves are just a call away in:

  • Shelbyville
  • Nashville
  • And throughout the surrounding area

For more on our custom kitchen shelves in Shelbyville, TN, call ShelfGenie of Nashville today at (888) 903-8839 to schedule a free design consultation!

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