Pull Out Shelves in Anthem: Everything Within Reach

pull out shelves

Instead of straining to reach spices in the cupboard, what if you could pull out shelves, pick out the ingredient you wanted, and keep on going? At ShelfGenie® of Northwest Phoenix, we know it can be that easy. For homes in Anthem, Cave Creek, and Carefree, we can transform the space you’ve got into the space you need.

Most home storage can benefit from adjustment, so that you can store, find, and retrieve items more quickly. Shelving is too tall to use without piling up kitchen goods, or it’s difficult to grab things from the back without dislodging everything else. We adjust, re-configure, and improve storage, for improved access and space.

3 Concerns We Can Address With Pull Out Shelves in Anthem

Let’s take the kitchen as one example. At ShelfGenie of Northwest Phoenix, we want to create a kitchen space that’s inviting, open, and streamlined to your needs. Pull down shelving, risers, dividers, and pull out shelves go a long way to easing the frustrations that come with this space.

But before we do that, our designers in Anthem start by identifying some of the pressure points within the kitchen. Whether these are specific areas that need attention or specific concerns you have, here’s a few common issues we can address:

  • You can’t access some areas. It’s no good if you can’t easily reach sections of your kitchen. And yet, too many cabinets are positioned too high up or are too deep to properly access. We have all kinds of pull out shelves, rotating shelves, and pull-down compartments so you can get to these areas without straining yourself.
  • You can’t find things when needed. You shouldn’t have to rummage through cupboards to find the ingredient you’re looking for. We create a more intuitive and straightforward layout of shelves, organizing items by function and size. You’ll always know exactly which cupboard to go to for baking ingredients, and exactly where to find everything.
  • You feel overcrowded. When too much visible clutter happens, it can make you feel overcrowded in your own kitchen. We can make surface space more usable by finding new homes for bulk foods, coffee cans, and other items often stored on your counters. You’ll still be able to reach them, but without feeling like you’re running out of room.

See how well pull out shelves, custom storage bins, and other storage innovations can fit into your kitchen. For design consultations in Anthem, you can phone ShelfGenie of Northwest Phoenix at (888) 903-8839.

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