Transform Your Kitchen Shelves in La Vista 

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If your kitchen counters are overcrowded, or if it takes a few minutes to locate an ingredient when you’re cooking, it’s time for a change. At ShelfGenie® of Omaha, we can increase your space, ease, and reach in the kitchen without altering its outward appearance. We transform kitchens throughout La Vista by upgrading and improving kitchen shelves inside cabinets and other storage areas.

When your kitchen feels like it’s running out of room, disorganized, or otherwise not working, it’s often kitchen storage that’s the cause. Because most homes are built with standardized shelving, it’s likely that you have to stack items or find other creative ways to store the gadgets, cookware, and bulk foods in your kitchen.

We erase all of that with a simple solution: kitchen shelves in La Vista that are designed with you in mind. Our custom-fitted Glide-Out Shelves® can increase storage as much as 50% while giving you full access to everything in your kitchen. They’re built on extendable rails that allow you to pull out any shelf, grab what you need, and keep going.

A New Approach to Kitchen Shelves in La Vista

Everyone uses their kitchen slightly different. Whether you’re a home chef or you need that morning cup of coffee, your kitchen should be designed to accommodate your habits, preferences, and routines. That’s what we at ShelfGenie of Omaha can offer.

We look at how you use your kitchen and where points of frustration occur. Then, we map out a redesign that’s fitted to your existing cupboards and cabinetry. We can streamline the way your kitchen works, grouping items together by purpose and function, and placing them in spots where you’d expect to find them. We can build custom shelves that are ideal for your appliances and cookware.

Whatever you need, we have a design solution with you in mind.

Shelving That You Can Count On To Last From ShelfGenie of Omaha

At ShelfGenie of Omaha, we believe in building items to last. When we design and build your kitchen shelves, it’s with the knowledge that they’ll get heavy use throughout their lifetimes. Our shelving is built by hand, with sturdy, solid wood materials that can withstand the many functions of a kitchen. We’ll even install your shelving to make sure it’s done right, no matter where you’re based in the region:

  • La Vista
  • Omaha
  • North Omaha

Get kitchen shelves you’ll fall in love with. Learn more about our organizing solutions for homes in La Vista by calling ShelfGenie of Omaha: (888) 903-8839.

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