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"I love my new shelves! Not only do they make more usable room in my kitchen, but I am able to stay more organized. The whole process was great- from initially meeting with Jay and John who were so kind and provided wonderful ideas, to Steve who did the installation-- everyone has been so amazing."

- Shira A., Omaha, NE

"The consultant really worked with me to help plan my kitchen. It's been such an improvement. We love them!"

- Dana & Mary T., Papillion, NE

"Nick Starkey was not only professional, but knowledgable, pleasant and wonderful to work with. I look forward to my next Shelf Genie purchase."

- Elaine J., Omaha, NE

"They were on time for the installation and very quick about completion. I absolutely LOVE having the pull-out shelves and am discovering all kinds of things that had been hiding at the back of my cupboards."

-Ellyn G, Omaha, NE

"We had Glide-Out shelves fitted to the pantry cupboards in our kitchen last week and we are just thrilled with them.  They certainly make retrieving items from the rear of the shelves so much easier.  We were also pleased with the quality of the work and the cleanliness of the installation.  Jim was great.  We can certainly recommend this product."
-Mr. & Mrs. G. Ford

"I would recommend Glide-Outs to anyone. It is the best money I have spent on my house. The convenience and ease of use is great. No more getting on my knees to find something in the back of the cabinet.  If I ever move, these will be the first upgrade I do to my new house."
-T. Potter

"In several homes we owned prior to this one, we had the Glide-Outs installed when we built. This is a home we bought from someone else. I felt lost because I couldn’t seem to get my kitchen supplies and utensils organized. Now with the Glide-Out shelves in all my cabinets, it makes finding everything a breeze. I couldn’t be happier with them. I also have to give a word of praise to the employees. Everyone was so nice –from the people who took the order, the measurer, and to the installer."
-M. Burke

"Your products and solutions have made my kitchen more convenient and certainly have saved my poor knees. Wish this could have been done years ago."
-M. Burnett

"This product is top quality. The installation was very professional. We are pleased with our increased storage."
-J. McHarg

"Everyone we worked with was helpful, courteous, and professional from the phone to installation. I was so glad to know a company such as yours existed. My friends have been impressed as well."
-M. Stainback

"Glide-Outs are a matchless improvement in my kitchen. Arthritis hinders movement. You are fast, neat, and a real help to arthritic joints."
-G. Keran

"The Glide-Outs you installed for me have been wonderful. They work great and have given me access to cabinets that would have been difficult to reach. I am very pleased with your product and work."
-B. Howell

"We are very satisfied with the entire company. The designer was knowledgeable of their product and the installation was performed quickly and professionally. The product has been exactly as advertised and as we hoped it to be. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in this type of product."
-C. Schoening