Caroline Fox

Owner/ Designer

Caroline-Fox ShelfGenie of Kansas City

ShelfGenie of Kansas City is a family run business. After working 18 years in higher education as an administrator and instructor, Caroline decided to move to Kansas City to work with her entrepreneurial parents. She opened an online bracelet business called Kansas City Cuffs and a kids’ training center called Fox Sports and Activity Center. Caroline closed those two companies and jumped in with ShelfGenie in 2017 after seeing how pullout shelves changed people’s lives. She enjoys designing and making a difference.
As a designer of the company, Caroline is certified through the ShelfGenie University with additional training throughout the year. In addition, the installers of the company are also certified in installing pullout shelves.
Caroline is a single mom of two kids, Forrest and Reagan. She spends her free time carpooling kids and cheering them on in their multiple sporting events.