Mark Crofford


Mark Crofford - Lake Forest - ShelfGenie

Thanks so much for taking a moment to check us out!
We are Mark & Karyn Crofford, and we are delighted to be the new owners of ShelfGenie of Orange County, serving the “Big Orange” and surrounding communities here in Southern California. Married for over 27 years, we’ve had the pleasure of raising our two daughters here and building a life of hard work, great fun, and connection with family and friends. When we have a little spare time, we both enjoy cooking and entertaining. We know too well that the surest way to drain the pleasure of making a family meal is having to spend time trying to find and get hard-to-reach items.
Coming from a career spent in corporate finance, Mark is well acquainted with striving to serve the needs of corporate stakeholders. Karyn’s experience has been primarily on the customer service side, and was successful as a Mary Kay senior director, earning several free cars including the iconic Pink Cadillac.
Together we couldn’t be more excited to get to work just as hard to serve the needs of our ShelfGenie Clients. Our focus is to make you feel comfortable during the entire process and to answer all the questions that you have regarding your storage needs. We are confident that this open collaboration will result in excellent solutions that will erase your frustrations, and finally put “everything within reach.”