Mary Sullivan


Mary Sullivan - Denver - ShelfGenie

ShelfGenie of the Rocky Mountains is excited to bring enjoyment and love to one of the best places on earth! Owner Mary Sullivan is excited and eager to spread the joy of customized Glide-Out™ shelving to you and your home. In seeking a way to build a rewarding business and become a part of the ever-changing Denver community, ShelfGenie was the only choice for Mary.
Mary enjoys meeting so many wonderful people all along the Front Range and improving their lives by making the most of their space and more enjoyable to live within. With over 30 years of success in consumer and industrial marketing, finding a business that uses her talent plus connecting with the community, all while submersing herself in the mountain lifestyle, has made for the perfect match. ShelfGenie gives her purpose in helping others and finding ways to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Mary is right at home with ShelfGenie!