Matthew Lasek


Matthew Lasek - ShelfGenie ofBaltimore

Prior to joining the ShelfGenie family, Matthew came from the medical laboratory field.  Here he worked since 2008 processing and running tests on tissues for clinical diagnosis. Although what he did was medically related, it required him to have a great attention to detail while running multiple tasks at once. During this time, besides gaining the knowledge of the laboratory sciences, he learned a lot about safety, space layout, movement and ergonomics. After buying his house in 2009 – which was not your typical dream home -Matthew ended up having to rehab the entire house. He took his previous knowledge of design and construction from earlier employment and went to work. During this period he gained a great appreciation for good design and fell in love with all concepts that it entailed. In 2016 he went back to school for interior design to get some formal training. Here he learned more about the design process from beginning to end, including codes, layouts, restrictions and requirements. Fast forward to today, Matthew and ShelfGenie found each other. It was a match made on the internet (via Serena Close). Along with the keynotes of design, ShelfGenie focused on the greater concepts of ergonomics and how important they are. This can be applied to any area in the home and is something any designer can appreciate.