We pride ourselves on having the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners. Our process, service and dedicated team of professionals are simply unmatched in the business.

Noelee Loeffelbein

Marketing & Operations

Noelee Loeffelbein - Seattle - M

“First of all, my name is pronounced “Noel-EE” :). I’ve always liked helping people, starting with being a teacher’s assistant in 5th grade for younger kids. My greatest joy is hearing from clients when they are pleased with the project they did with us and hearing how much it has impacted their lives. When I’m not supporting the Seattle ShelfGenie team, I like one-person “sports” such as bowling, playing pool and darts. I’m a true Washingtonian, having grown up in Federal Way and living in Seattle for the last several years.” –Noelee Loeffelbein