Kitchen Shelves in Delaware Valley: Your Dream Kitchen Starts Here

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Your kitchen gets a lot of use. It can become easily cluttered, disorganized, and cramped, as a result. That’s where ShelfGenie® of Philadelphia comes in. With our Glide-Out® kitchen shelves, available to homeowners in Delaware Valley, Philadelphia, and other surrounding areas, we can give you significantly more storage space – up to 50% more – while ensuring every item, tool, and ingredient is beautifully organized and in easy reach.

Our Kitchen Shelves in Delaware Valley Are Made-in-America & Made for You

At ShelfGenie of Philadelphia, our focus is always on quality. It’s why all our shelves are hand-crafted using hardwoods, such as birch, and made right here in America. As a result, each shelf can hold up to 100 pounds, making sure there’s a storage space for even those heavy or bulky items.

In addition, our kitchen shelves operate in a way that’s different from those found in most homes in Delaware Valley. They sit on fully-extendable rails, so with a quick pull, they glide right out and you can access everything stored within.

Whatever your needs, ShelfGenie of Philadelphia can meet them thanks to a customized approach. We’ll take time to visit your home, evaluate your space, and talk to you about your struggles and vision. We’ll then be able to make recommendations for every square inch of storage, from those cluttered corner cabinets and wine storage to the under sink area, pantry, and more.

With the team at ShelfGenie of Philadelphia, you can expect:

  • A free in-home consultation to help us understand your needs and discuss your pain points.
  • A 3-D rendered plan created by a professional designer for your unique space.
  • An experienced contractor to handle every aspect of installation, from start to finish, quickly and expertly, all for a custom fit.

ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Serves Delaware Valley with Kitchen Shelves & Other Solutions

ShelfGenie of Philadelphia wants to do more than simply provide new shelves, but improve the quality of time you spend in your kitchen, whether you love to cook and bake or simply enjoy gathering and entertaining. We’ll enhance your kitchen and your quality of life within it with our shelves and other solutions, available in:

  • Delaware Valley
  • Philadelphia
  • Collegeville
  • Greater Philadelphia
  • Southeast Pennsylvania
  • South Jersey
  • Northern Delaware
  • And throughout the surrounding area

For custom organization solutions and kitchen shelves in Delaware Valley, contact ShelfGenie of Philadelphia at (888) 903-8839 to set up a free design consultation!

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