Your Brand-New Kitchen Shelves in the Philadelphia Area

Kitchen Shelves

At ShelfGenie® of Philadelphia, we can transform the way your kitchen is working by increasing the space that’s available and decreasing the everyday clutter that’s present. We achieve that by revamping, building, and installing kitchen shelves in your cabinets and pantry.

We never make any changes to the way your kitchen looks from the outside, which means no need for a remodel or significant renovation. Our design solutions are completely focused on the way your kitchen storage is set up and laid out. We know that most shelves end up being overcrowded and overly cluttered, making it hard to find anything you need quickly or easily.

This effect can spill over onto your kitchen surfaces, so that you’re using countertops to store frequently used items or bulkier items that just don’t fit in the cupboard. By upgrading and improving your cabinet interiors with custom shelving, we make sure that items can be stacked neatly and retrieved fast. Our pull out shelves offer full extension, so you can access the full shelf surface without a problem. The result is a kitchen that’s simple to use and easy to enjoy.

How We Upgrade Kitchen Shelves For Philadelphia Area Homes

Whenever we redesign kitchen storage, we look at maximizing space, reach, and functionality. When you run out of space, can’t reach parts of your cabinetry, or your pantry simply isn’t organized intuitively, it causes small pain points in the ways you use your kitchen every day.

We take those away by customizing and designing kitchen shelves that are designed to accommodate your preferences, interests, and needs in the Philadelphia area. We can group and categorize items so that you’ll always know where everything in your kitchen is. We also make it more intuitive to use the space without a second thought, grouping waste bins near prep stations, cookware near the stove, and all cleaning implements by the sink.

Free Design Consultations Throughout The Delaware Valley With ShelfGenie of Philadelphia

For homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley, we make it straightforward to get started with your kitchen redesign. Our Designers offer in-home assessments that are completely free, all throughout the area. That includes:

  • Philadelphia
  • Collegeville
  • Southeast Pennsylvania
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Northern Delaware

From this very first meeting to installation of your kitchen shelves, we bring all our services to you. You never have to leave your home to get a kitchen you’ll love.

Find out how easy it is to get kitchen shelves that transform your space. Schedule an initial and free design consultation with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia: (888) 903-8839.

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