Easy-To-Reach Kitchen Shelves for Scottsdale Homes

Slide out shelves with scoops in the front - Kitchen Shelves

For most homeowners, there’s always certain parts of the kitchen that are out of reach: think of those cupboards that you need a step-stool to get to, or the very back of cabinets under the sink. But as we get older, not being able to reach those areas easily can cause a lot of frustration and worry for many of us. With our extendable kitchen shelves, ShelfGenie® of Scottsdale can change that.

We bring every part of your kitchen to your level, so that you’ll never have to strain, stretch, or stress about accessing your kitchen. Our Glide-Out Shelves® are sturdy, stylish, and highly practical, so you can just open a cabinet, extend a shelf, and get whatever you need. With additional customizable options, you’ll be able to pull down or pull up shelves as needed. With our sleek railing, shelves move smoothly and without a hitch.

And we do all of that without renovating the exterior of your kitchen. We focus completely on the interior storage space you have available, transforming your cupboards and cabinets so that your entire kitchen is easy to reach for you.

Kitchen Shelves in Scottsdale and More About Our Organizing Solutions

With our organizing solutions, we don’t just target difficult-to-reach spots in your kitchen. We can also reorganize and improve storage throughout your home. In many cases, we’re able to increase your storage space by as much as fifty percent! That’s because shelving in closets and cabinets are often built with a standardized height and width in mind. It means you can’t ever maximize the available space without piling up items.

We change that for you. Our Designers target areas throughout your home that are causing strain or difficulty for you. When we increase access and space, it also has the effect of reducing overall household clutter, for storage that’s intuitive to access and within your reach.

Transforming Kitchen Shelves in Scottsdale and Beyond

At ShelfGenie of Scottsdale, we bring everything to you. Our entire team is based in the region, so it’s always easy for us to travel to you for an in-home design consultation. This initial step gives you the chance to review your options and get organizing solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

We install your kitchen shelves, too. Our expert Installers are professional and thorough, so you’ll be able to enjoy your brand-new kitchen right away. We proudly serve these areas:

Our kitchen shelves come with a warranty and different style options. Call ShelfGenie of Scottsdale to learn more: (888) 903-8839.

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