Upgrading Your Kitchen Shelves in Phoenix

Kitchen Shelves

What if your kitchen was perfectly designed for you? At ShelfGenie® of Phoenix, we bring homeowners the joy of a custom kitchen without the cost of a full renovation. Instead, we redesign and re-build the kitchen shelves inside your cabinets, pantry, and cupboards. The result is a kitchen that’s more practical, more organized, and fitted to your every need.

Often, homeowners make do with standard kitchen cabinets without ever realizing that many of the everyday frustrations of the kitchen can be traced to these units. Standard shelves can result in overcrowding and disorganization, making it harder for you to find the things you need and to navigate your kitchen with ease.

When you have shelving that’s built to accommodate the way you use your kitchen, it means your kitchen can be laid out intuitively and practically. With custom shelves, we can often capitalize on unused space, reducing your overall clutter by increasing the storage that’s available to you. The result is a kitchen that feels like a breeze to use and enjoy.

Our Approach To Kitchen Shelves in Phoenix

We always want to make sure we’re getting your kitchen redesign right. Before any new kitchen shelves are built, we come to your home for an in-person assessment. This is the perfect opportunity for us to view your space, identify any friction points, and get to know you a little better. It means that when we build your design plan, it can be ideally tailored to you.

Glide-Out Shelves® are how we transform your space. These elegant pull out shelves can be customized endlessly to fit the needs, gadgets, and layout of your kitchen. We always offer style options to suit the look of your kitchen, so your shelving feels like a natural addition.

ShelfGenie of Phoenix Are Your Local Experts in Home Storage

When you choose our company, you’ll always be in the hands of dedicated design experts who care about your space. We’re here not only to re-think kitchen shelves, but to offer all kinds of storage solutions to local homeowners in the regions of:

We target closets, cupboards, and cabinets throughout the home, de-cluttering bathrooms, reorganizing home offices, and building more space into basement storage. Wherever your space feels busy, crowded, or unorganized, we have a solution for you.

Get kitchen shelves designed, built, and installed by ShelfGenie of Phoenix. Call (888) 903-8839 to learn more about our solutions to home storage.

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