Pantry Shelves in Mesa: Making Organization Easy

Pantry Shelves

Your pantry is a hot spot in your kitchen and seems like it’s always in use. It’s therefore easy to get disorganized and stay messy. But with ShelfGenie® of East Valley, we can convert the space into one that’s more practical, organized, and beautiful with our pantry shelves, offered in Mesa, Chandler, and other nearby areas. You’ll be able to make a meal or just a sandwich with ease without having to dig around, search for items, or deal with clutter.

How Our Pantry Shelves in Mesa Are Different & Work Better

With ShelfGenie of East Valley, we can enhance your pantry and create a space that feels like it’s new. We offer Glide-Out Shelving® that works differently than the shelves found in most pantries in Mesa. These are built on rails, so with a small pull, you can get them fully extended. This enables you to easily reach every bottle, can, bag, and item that is stored inside.

We can also configure our shelves for nearly any pantry space, whether yours is a cabinet, a closet, or a walk-in, with options that include:

  • A custom design that offers a mix of Glide-Around™ and pull-out shelves, as well as dividers.
  • Categories and zones that ensure everything in your pantry has its own space and never gets lost or hidden.
  • Double-height shelves that provide storage designed specifically for larger items, keeping them secure yet easily accessible.

To start, ShelfGenie of East Valley offers free in-home consultations so we can evaluate your pantry first-hand, talk about your struggles with it, and discuss ways we can help. We’ll then create a plan that is 3-D rendered, so you can see how our recommendations would work. Once approved, we’ll schedule an experienced contractor to come out to your home and provide a custom-fit installation.

ShelfGenie of East Valley is the Choice in Mesa for Pantry Shelves Made in America

ShelfGenie of East Valley can make life easier in your kitchen with our pantry shelves. Not only do they increase storage space and organization, but offer quality you can count on. In fact, every shelf is made right here in the USA from sturdy hardwood and designed to hold up to 100 pounds. We can make the most of your investment with us by providing you with durability, beauty, and efficiency.

To experience the difference first-hand, ShelfGenie of East Valley’s shelves are available in:

  • Mesa
  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Queen Creek
  • And other nearby areas

For custom pantry shelves in Mesa, contact ShelfGenie of East Valley at (888) 903-8839 to set up a free design consultation!

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