Pull Out Shelves in Phoenix: Restoring Order To Your Kitchen

pull out shelves

It’s so easy for clutter to become an everyday problem. With deep cabinets, items can pile up over the years until you forget they’re even there, whether it’s the waffle iron you purchased when your kids were still young or baking ingredients that find their way to the back of the cupboard. For homeowners in the Phoenix area, organizing solutions like pull out shelves can transform your kitchen.

At ShelfGenie® of Phoenix, we partner with homeowners to re-imagine and re-design your existing spaces without the cost or complication of a full-kitchen renovation. We incorporate stylish pull out shelves – and custom design features like spice racks and adjustable dividers — that are custom-designed and custom-built to make the most of your existing cabinets.

3 Ways Pull Out Shelves Can De-Clutter Your Kitchen

When you’re organizing your kitchen, it’s important that the space works for you. At ShelfGenie of Phoenix, we take an organizing approach that prioritizes your comfort, your existing routines, and easy accessibility.

We look at how your kitchen is and isn’t working for you right now. Then we create innovative solutions so you can use your existing space to its fullest potential. With specially designed pull out shelves including dividers, organizers, kitchen shelves and other custom options, we can add space and restore order.

  • Take back your counter space. People often keep cookbooks, cooking utensils, and other frequently used items on counters. We can move these items off the counter and out of sight while still keeping them accessible. Pull-down shelves make cookbooks easy to grab, while custom inserts improve organization in utensil drawers.
  • Add in an extendable wine rack. Storing your wine in cabinets makes it hard to hunt for the right bottle quickly, but a free standing, floor rack can take up valuable real estate. We’ll build a specialty drawer within your existing cabinets to showcase your wine while saving on space. Plus, nothing impresses guests like an extendable wine rack.
  • Stow away garbage and recycling. Garbage and recycling bins are an unpleasant fact of life. They’re unsightly and they can attract the attention of your pets, but you still need them in the kitchen. We can transform a low cupboard into a Glide-Out ShelfTM that holds your garbage bins.

Before you commit, you can see how our Designers would transform your kitchen with pull out shelves and other available features. Call (888) 903-8839 to schedule a free design consultation with ShelfGenie of Phoenix.

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