Pull Out Shelves

Everything you need to know about pull out shelves

What are pull out shelves?

A pull out shelf, also known as a glide out shelf, roll out shelf or slide out shelf, is a shelf that can be moved forward on slides (also known as rails) that allow each shelf to extend from the cabinet to maximize storage and accessibility at the back of a cupboard or cabinet. Most pullout shelves feature a shallow lip around the edge so that items don’t fall off as the shelf glides in and out.

ShelfGenie pull out shelves in lower cabinets, under the kitchen sink, and slide out shelves.

ShelfGenie Pull Out Shelves Solutions

Full Extension slide out kitchen shelves in an upper cabinet

Single Height

Single Height or standard pull out shelves are perfect for storing cookware, bakeware and other “low height” items. They can be used in cabinets and pantries throughout the home.

Blind Corner Cabinet Solution

A blind corner, also known as a corner cabinet or dead cabinet space, refers to the deep, sometimes inaccessible, space of a corner cabinet. Different internal shelving systems used in blind corners include lazy-susans, drawers, and custom shaped shelves. Blind Corner pull out shelves convert lost cabinet space into usable space. They consist of two perpendicular shelves: one pulls out of the cabinet into the room to allow the rear pull out to be pulled forward into the space vacated by the first pull out shelf.

Blind Corner Cabinet Pull Out Shelf
U Shaped ShelfGenie Pull Out Shelf


The U-Shaped pull out shelf helps return wasted space in any cabinet with an obstruction located in the back of the cabinet. The unique design offers maximum usability of the Glide-Out given undesired space constraints. This nifty shape is commonly used under counter top stoves to by-pass gas lines.

Risers & Caddies

Risers and caddies are small, narrow units designed to be used in combination with a lower, full-size pull out shelf. Together, the two-tiered unit takes full advantage of lost cabinet space due to obstructions, such as water and drain pipes. Risers are most commonly used in bathrooms and under kitchen sinks.

Under Sink Riser Pull Out Shelf
Cook Book Sloped roll Out Shelf


Slopes offer further pull out customization. Slopes prevent tall items from tipping when stored in the back of the pull out shelf. These are often used in the upper portion of a pantry.


A scoop is usually added when pull out shelves are stacked on top of each other with minimal clearance. The scoop provides a handle to pull out the shelf in spite of the small amount of height clearance.

Slide out shelves with scoops in the front - Kitchen Shelves

Pull Out Shelves Mounting Styles

Standard Mounts on a Pull Out Pantry Shelf

Standard Mounts

With standard mounts, the rails are installed directly into the cabinet interior. This are the most commonly used mounting when installing pull out shelves.

Full Mounting Shelves

Full mounting shelves, or base mounts with slides, are used in conjunction with pull outs when the existing space does not have an adequate mounting surface for proper pull out shelving installation.

Under-mount slide out shelves in a pantry

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