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    Join thousands of happy people who have already installed the ShelfGenie custom glide-out shelves in their homes!

    Free Design Consultation

    Request a free design consultation today and see how we can make the most of your space.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Our team works hard to create high-quality, custom solutions that make your life easier. Our Designer and Classic models include a lifetime warranty on parts and installation.

    Custom Solutions

    ShelfGenie custom-builds solutions around your specific measurements, obstacles, and needs. We will alter any solution to fit your space.

    Everything Within Reach

    Reach difficult spaces easily with solutions that organize every item in your kitchen and stretch your storage areas for up to twice the capacity.

    Designed with You. Installed by Us.

    Your kitchen is unique. Your lifestyle is unique. We custom design, build, and install everything for your unique needs.

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    Why People Love Our Storage Solutions

    We’ve never done anything halfway. When you order a storage solution, we’ll craft it just for you—with the highest standards of quality and precision in the industry. It’s no surprise our Designer and Classic models come with a guaranteed lifetime warranty on parts and installation.

    Custom Color for Every Home

    Our storage solutions are available in natural light, medium, stained dark, and painted white hardwood.

    Di | vi | der Options

    Add ease to storing your belongings.

    Drawer Options

    Can be specified to include sloped sides, scoop fronts, and premium soft close rails.

    What it's all about

    Your Kitchen Should Make You Happy

    It should be a place for new recipes, spur-of-the-moment cupcakes, and unforgettable dinner parties. No matter how you feel about your kitchen, we can make it a place you love. Our design experts will show you more creative ways to transform your kitchen for good. The consultation is totally free and without obligations!
    What it's all about

    Making a Sandwich Should be Easy

    That’s what pantries are meant to ensure. But if you can’t see the peanut butter, reach the jelly, or grab the bread without knocking things over, it’s just not.

    Luckily with ShelfGenie, the things that are meant to be simple actually are.

    Our design experts will show you quicker ways to make your pantry super functional and easily accessible again.

    Custom Shelving Solution Ideas that Work

    Each of our design experts is a walking-encyclopedia of brilliant ideas that make custom shelving solutions so easy to design in every space regardless of the items or pain-points you want to organize or solve! We will transform any solution to fit your space and your budget.

    Ideas for Kitchen Items & Spaces

    • Cookware & Bakeware
    • Storage containers
    • Spices, Trash & Sponge
    • Flat items & Corner cabinets
    • Above-your-head storage
    • Cookbooks & magazines
    • And many more...

    Ideas for Pantry Items & Spaces

    • Short items
    • Medium items
    • Tall items
    • Walk-in pantry
    • Closet pantry
    • Cabinet pantry
    • And many more..

    Ideas for Bathroom Items & Spaces

    • Under the sink
    • Blind corner
    • Odds & ends
    • Tall cabinets
    • And many more..

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