Streamlining Your Kitchen Shelves in Seattle

Kitchen Shelves

If you’re feeling frustrated by the size of your kitchen or the clutter on your kitchen shelves, ShelfGenie® of Seattle can help. We streamline the function of your kitchen, minimizing areas of clutter and disorganization while maximizing available space and reach. And we can accomplish that without heavy renovation.

Instead, we re-haul the layout and setup of your cupboards, pantry, and cabinets without remodeling their appearance from the outside. Our Glide-Out Shelving® can increase your storage by as much as fifty percent, taking kitchen items off the counter, waste bins off the floors, and otherwise clearing space for you.

With custom-built kitchen shelves from ShelfGenie of Seattle, you can invest in a kitchen that feels comfortable, elegant, and open.

How We Transform Kitchen Shelves in Seattle

The average kitchen cabinet isn’t built to withstand the many demands and multi-sized items of modern living. Shelving is typically minimal or uniform-height, meaning that there’s always plenty of space that you can never use to its full extent.

At ShelfGenie of Seattle, we improve and streamline kitchen storage by incorporating kitchen shelves that are customized by height, purpose, and placement. Glide-Out Shelves allow you to get to everything inside a cupboard within an instant, while additional customizing features give you special compartments and other organizational features.

We make sure the layout and function of your kitchen is intuitive to you. You’ll get a personal Designer who learns about the way you use your kitchen, your frustrations, and stress points in the space, and how your kitchen is currently laid out. Then, we design and build shelving that makes sense to you, and that works for you, so you always know where to find the items you need whenever you need them.

Free Design Consultations With ShelfGenie of Seattle

At ShelfGenie of Seattle, we make it easy and convenient for homeowners throughout King County to get powerful organizing solutions on your timeline. Our Designers are based right here in the region, so we travel to you.

With a free and in-home design consultation, you’ll meet your Designer and get the opportunity to let us know what’s not working in your current setup. We’ll create a design plan, build your brand-new shelving, and complete a full installation, so you can get a kitchen that looks and feels like you without ever leaving your space.

It’s what we offer to homeowners throughout the county and beyond, such as:

Get a sneak peek of your kitchen with custom-fitted, practical kitchen shelves. To take advantage of our free consultations, call ShelfGenie of Seattle at (888) 903-8839.

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