Custom Bathroom Shelves Near Chicago North

North Chicago is where you’ll find some of the most attractive residential architecture in the city. There is a mixture of old-fashioned apartments and contemporary condos with different shapes and sizes of bathrooms. If you want bathroom shelves that will bring functionality and style to your Northside residence, ShelfGenie is the one to call. Our bathroom shelving reduces clutter, making space for everything you need to have on hand.

Bathroom Shelving

Have you ever stood in your bathroom with a new self-care purchase in hand and asked yourself, “Where can I put this?” Our customized bathroom shelving provides this question with a definitive answer. ShelfGenie has been providing bathroom wall shelving solutions since 2000, and we’re familiar with what it takes to create a relaxing and comfortable bathroom in your North Chicago home. Our premium products provide space for everything from towels to pet care products. You will even have room to put your snow boot cleaning kit.

Under-the-Sink Shelves

We understand that after a long day of work in the Loop, you just want to return home and relax with a hot shower, especially in winter. With our custom under-the-sink shelves for your bathroom, you have everything you need in one place.

No more running for your CTA bus or the L in the morning because you spent precious minutes searching your bathroom for what you need. With ShelfGenie, it's already there and organized under your sink.

Custom Shelving for Small Bathrooms

Whether you live in a Logan Square one-bedroom or a small studio on Diversey, you need an organized and functional bathroom. You don’t want to carry your toiletries from the bedroom to the bath every morning. ShelfGenie creates custom shelving that will keep everything you desire in your bathroom. Having a small bathroom can be challenging when it comes to storage space. Our custom bathroom shelving includes Glide-Outs to give your small bathroom more storage. We create your custom shelving according to your specifications. Whether you want under-the-sink bathroom shelves or a tip-out tray, we can turn your small bathroom into a pleasant storage oasis.

FAQs About ShelfGenie of Chicago North Bathroom Shelves

As a locally owned and operated business in Chicago North, we do right by Northside Chicago residents, delivering high-quality craftsmanship with incredible results. Our excellent products and service are why the Neighborly Done Right PromiseTM backs all of our workmanship. This is our dedication to your satisfaction in all we do. If you have questions about any of our custom bathroom shelves, our experts can give you an answer. Below, you'll see some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Get in touch with us if you have other questions about your bathroom and how custom bathroom shelving can transform it into an organized oasis.

Why Get Custom Cabinets for Your Bathroom?

Customized bathroom shelves will keep your personal care items, toiletries, hair accessories, and more organized and all in one place. Shelving is critical in every room of a Chicago residence, especially in the bathroom. Nothing is more frustrating in the morning than running around your living space looking for your eyeglass cleaner or lint brush when you should be at the #147 bus stop or the Metra platform. The team at ShelfGenie will work with you to discover how we can customize your bathroom shelves to satisfy your needs.

Where Should Bathroom Shelves Be Placed?

Where you install your bathroom shelves depends on the layout and size of your bathroom. Usually, bathroom shelves are placed above the toilet, under the sink, inside the vanity, or above the door. Before deciding where to place the shelves, you should determine why you need them. If you don’t have enough space for towels or toiletries in your bathroom, add a shelf above the sink for them. Your towels can go on a bathroom shelf above the toilet or door, an excellent spot for plants or other knick-knacks, too. Regardless of the shelving needs in your bathroom, our professionals can bring organization and visual appeal to your bathroom.

Why Choose ShelfGenie of Chicago North to Install Your Custom Bathroom Shelves?

At ShelfGenie of Chicago North, we make it easy to accomplish your storage and shelving goals. We come to your home on your schedule and present all the custom bathroom shelving options available to you. Our team has the experience and skills necessary to install new bathroom shelves or replace your existing ones with Glide-Outs, improving your bathroom's visual appeal and functionality.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’re the company to trust for custom bathroom shelf installation in Chicago. We’d love to discuss what it will take to transform your bath, and provide you with the space and features you’ve always desired. Contact us today for a free consultation.