Custom Bathroom Shelves Near Metro DC

When you’re living in the beautiful and historic spaces of a Washington, DC Metro area in a retrofitted Federal row house, a Victorian or craftsman home, or even a modern condo, storage space can be a complicated and custom endeavor. This is especially true when it comes to your bathrooms. Looking for more calm, organized bathroom space in your home, despite the breakneck pace of a DC career? ShelfGenie® of Metro DC is at your beck and call for custom bathroom shelves to help get your things back in order.

Bathroom Shelving

Not all homes have spacious bathrooms, especially when you live in a condo or skinny row house. With ShelfGenie of Metro DC, we offer custom bathroom shelves tailored to your specific bathroom’s size and storage needs.

If you’re tired of losing your shaving cream under the sink or knocking over shampoo and other bath products, our custom bathroom shelf organization can help. With pull-out drawers and innovative bathroom Glide-Out risers, you can say goodbye to elbow disasters every morning and hello to a relaxed and organized space with designated shelves for your towels, toiletries, and more.

Under-the-Sink Shelving

Similar to your disaster of a Metro commute this morning, If your under-the-sink situation is a mess of cords, bags, and difficult-to-find toiletries, you may feel the need for some zen. That’s what our ShelfGenie team can offer you with our custom under-the-sink shelving.

Let us transform your undersink with functional shelves that keep your most important items visible and organized yet tucked away from prying eyes. Our professional organizers can design and install tiered riser Glide-Outs to streamline your bathroom storage and remove friction from your morning routine.

Custom Shelving for Small Bathrooms

When your current bathroom storage just doesn’t cut it for all of your odds and ends, ShelfGenie of Metro DC can help. We can design a setup to cut the clutter with functional custom shelves for your small bathroom, including tip-out trays, compartments, and Glide-Outs for efficient storage. Whatever your space requires, we’ll find the solution to make your bathroom a comfortable and relaxing space with room for everyone’s bathroom stuff.

FAQs About ShelfGenie of Metro DC Bathroom Shelves

As a locally owned and operated business, we’re proud to offer amazing service to our customers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. At ShelfGenie of Metro DC, we back all of our work with a commitment to your satisfaction. Our Neighborly Done Right Promise™ ensures your bathroom shelves meet your specific preferences and requirements. Have questions regarding our process, design, or installation? Our team has the answers! Below, you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions. All bathroom spaces are unique, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about what we can do to help optimize yours. Our designers will happily discuss our process of transforming your space into an elegant and calming oasis in your home through organization and aesthetic storage solutions.

Why Get Custom Cabinets for Your Bathroom?

Unsure if you even have space for cabinets or shelving? Don’t worry! At ShelfGenie, our professional organizers can maximize your bathroom’s storage space without disrupting your daily routines. With custom cabinetry, the sky (or your ceiling) is the limit. Whether you want corner cabinets, standalone cabinets, or under-the-sink cabinets with tiered Glide-Outs, our ShelfGenie team will build out a custom plan for your space to store all of your bathroom belongings in a way that’s efficient but also adds aesthetics and resale value.

Where Should Bathroom Shelves Be Placed?

Where your shelves are installed depends completely on your bathroom’s style, layout, and dimensions. Usually, shelving will go inside the vanity, above and/or below the sink and toilet, and above the doorway.

More importantly, the purpose of your shelves will help decide their location and function. Are you struggling to reach your toiletries without leaning awkwardly or knocking things over? Is there space for odds and ends or your favorite wall art? Our professional designers will help make sure all of these preferences are kept in mind for the project so you’re completely satisfied with the end product.

Why Choose ShelfGenie of Metro DC to Install Your Custom Bathroom Shelves?

When you need custom solutions for bathroom shelving, go local with ShelfGenie of Metro DC. We can bring a less hectic atmosphere to your home with custom shelving that meets your bathroom’s specific layout and size.

Schedule a free consultation with our designers, and we’ll sit down with you to create a 3D rendering of your future bathroom shelves. This is yours to keep and adjust up to your installation date, which only takes one day of work 98% of the time. How do we do it? Most of the planning and work is done before your install!

With ShelfGenie, a more organized and sane bathroom space is only a click away. If you're ready to get started, contact us today.