Custom Bathroom Shelves Near Seattle, WA

Just like morning coffee and Chihuly’s spectacular glass sculptures inspire awe and energy in Seattleites, your home’s bathroom space should, too. Getting ready for the day in a disorganized and cluttered mess can drag you down even before your morning gets moving.

ShelfGenie® of Seattle’s custom bathroom shelves can change that with practical storage solutions that organize and offer a stylish and personalized touch that meets your own artful aesthetics. With our expert designers at your disposal, you’ll maximize your bathroom’s space with shelving solutions that make you feel zen every time you enter the space.

Bathroom Shelving

Feeling boxed into your own home by disorganized stuff is a nightmare, especially when you’re already lacking sun this week. At ShelfGenie, we provide usable storage space to keep your space tidy and items where they belong so you can stay sane in Seattle’s wonky climate.

Whether it’s space for your toiletries, towels, or other essentials, our custom bathroom shelving in Seattle will bring sensibility and function to your home while also increasing its value. No matter the size of your bathroom, our team can help!

Bathroom Under-the-Sink Shelving

Clutter under your bathroom sink can be maddening, especially when your hair isn’t cooperating with the humidity, you haven’t shaved, and you can’t find the right products or a hair straightener to save your life. It’s possible to have a clean countertop and still have plenty of room for your everyday necessities.

Spare yourself continued miserable mornings with ShelfGenie. Our designers will simplify your space to streamline your daily routines by eliminating disarray and dysfunction. With sensible storage, including bathroom Glide-Outs, built-in storage, and custom storage around plumbing, we’ll find the solution to your specific bathroom’s and daily needs.

Custom Shelving for Small Bathrooms

Perhaps you’re running out of space in your petite bathroom. When even your bathroom reading material is getting soaked—as if we aren’t wet enough here in Seattle—custom shelving in your small bathroom can offer function and space-saving for even the most in-the-way items.

Whether it’s tip-out trays, odds-and-ends shelving, or the perfect cubbies for your essentials, we’ll design shelving to make practical use of your small space. You can even make sure you have enough space for other household members’ personal belongings.

FAQs About ShelfGenie of Seattle Bathroom Shelves

Locally owned and operated, at ShelfGenie of Seattle, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. That’s why we offer our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, backing all of our workmanship with a commitment to your satisfaction.

When you have questions regarding custom bathroom organizing shelves, we've got answers. Below, you'll see a list of our most commonly asked questions. We know that every bathroom is unique, so reach out to our team if you have any specific questions. We’ll help you transform your space for an improved all-around organization that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Why Get Custom Cabinets for Your Bathroom?

Looking to maximize your tiny bathroom space without compromising on your ability to shower and get dressed without bumping into things? Custom shelves are your solution. Whether you need under-the-countertop cabinets, corner cabinets, or stand-alone options, our team at ShelfGenie will make a custom plan to meet your storage requirements to reduce clutter and bring more positive energy into your home.

With custom cabinetry, everything will have a specific place and make decorating and cleaning your space a snap. Additionally, custom cabinetry can increase your home’s resale value with a modern design that pleases the eye and makes efficient use of your bathroom space.

Where Should Bathroom Shelves be Placed?

Shelving placement will depend on your bathroom’s dimensions, style, and layout. The most common areas for them are inside the vanity, above the sink and toilet, and any space above the door.

Your purpose is critical when it comes to function. Can you reach your most frequently used toiletries? Make sure you have shelving near the sink and vanity. Do you need space for paintings or your favorite Seattle landmark photography? We can leave you some wall space by putting custom shelves higher up.

Whatever you desire, the professionals at ShelfGenie will make sure your bathroom shelving is efficiently designed to your space, preferences, and satisfaction.

Why Choose ShelfGenie of Seattle to Install Your Custom Bathroom Shelves?

When you need custom storage solutions in your bathroom, our team at ShelfGenie of Seattle is ready to transform your space today. Set up a meeting for a free consultation with one of our designers, and you’ll receive a 3D render of your future bathroom shelves. Keep it for yourself, and feel free to make adjustments all the way up to your installation date. Nearly all of our installations—seriously, 98%—take just one day, with most of the work done prior.

With ShelfGenie, your desires are within reach. If you're ready to get started, contact us today.