Age in Style: Five Senior Living Trends

When it comes to senior living, today’s baby boomers expect quality in all aspects of their care. The trend seems to be moving towards customized care and housing, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” style. From holistic approaches to wellness with an emphasis on lifestyle and amenities, to open layout designs and integrated living, seniors are changing the way they want to live out their golden years. Here are 5 senior living trends of 2018.


The location of senior housing is expected to focus more on cultural connections and integrated living in urban areas. Many seniors want to have accessibility to services, activities, and amenities. Proximity to arts and culture, shopping, dining, and parks is important to those who want to be integrated in the fabric of the community. Locations that have multiple transportation options will be more desirable.

Smart Home Technology

Seniors are now looking into products that will increase their safety and convenience. Digital assistants like Amazon Echo/Alexa use voice activation to search the web, shop online, turn on lights, deliver reminders to take medication, and more. For assistance with housecleaning tasks, iRobot can clean their floors with the push of a button. Every day, new technologies are being created to support older adults without sacrificing quality of life.

Personalized Care

Since every senior has unique needs, providers are now beginning to focus on the person instead of the demographic. In 2018, housing providers will offer more choices and experiences for seniors based on their wants and needs. These will include a choice of activities, food, and living arrangement style. They are also focusing more on a sense of belonging in the community and personal connections with the staff.

Smart Unit Design

Bare and sterile housing units are not appealing to anyone, including seniors. Many retirement communities are now offering apartment-style units that are larger in size and more inviting. Customizable designs will allow seniors to get involved in the process of choosing cabinets, countertops, flooring, and other finishes. Other considerations include flexible common areas, designated areas for fitness, community gardens, and walking paths or trails.

Aging in Place

An overwhelming majority of seniors prefer to age in place and be cared for in their own homes. With a few minor changes to their environment, many seniors can successfully navigate their current surroundings. Simple solutions such as widening doorways, lowering countertops, and installing glide-out shelving in the kitchen and pantry can make their space more functional. Continuing care at home services are also available for seniors who need access to a nurse or physical therapist.

The senior housing trends in 2018 are all about customization, innovation, and integration. Quality of life is a crucial part of the whole experience.


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