Clean up Clutter With ShelfGenie

Clutter… It is a word that makes most of us crazy.  For some reason, it seems that most of the clutter ends up in the kitchen.  With sliding shelves from ShelfGenie you can finally get control of the clutter that has overtaken your kitchen.

How can sliding shelves control clutter in your kitchen? The addition of sliding shelves in your kitchen increases space and opens up the opportunity for better organization. When you work with ShelfGenie, our sliding shelves are custom designed to meet your needs. For families on the go, sliding shelves from ShelfGenie will make frequently used items more accessible. For the gourmet chef, ShelfGenie will use sliding shelves to enhance workstations and gadget organization.

Because ShelfGenie custom makes sliding shelves for each client, we can create unique and creative solutions to control the clutter in your kitchen. During the process of designing your sliding shelves, ShelfGenie will discuss with you how you use your kitchen. During these discussions we will make recommendations for how to optimally use the sliding shelves we install in your kitchen.

In order to have sliding shelves installed in your kitchen, you will need to unload your cabinets. This is where the de-cluttering and organization begins. We can help you make critical decisions about what to place on the sliding shelves in your kitchen. During this time, we will also recommend that you remove unused items from your cabinets. The result will be a clean and organized kitchen maximizing the use of your sliding shelves from ShelfGenie.

If you want to get your kitchen organized, contact ShelfGenie to see our sliding shelves in person.  We can be reached by phone at (888) 663-3818 to schedule an appointment.

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