How ShelfGenie Can Help Those With Disabilities

You know that ShelfGenie makes custom glide-out shelves, but did you know that this can be life-changing for those with disabilities? Limited mobility and range of motion can make everyday tasks like cooking challenging, but Shelf-Genie can help. We transform everyday frustrations into joy by giving you up to 50% more storage and better access to your cabinets. 

We’ve been giving homeowners across the U.S. and Canada better access to their spaces for nearly 20 years. Making our clients’ lives easier is important to us.

Home modifications like ShelfGenie shelving can increase accessibility, independence, and safety for people who want to live independently. Modifying an individual’s home is one of the most important steps to assist someone in remaining in their home if they have physical limitations. One area of the home that is most important to accommodate is the kitchen.

Our designers work with each client to improve the accessibility in their home, in all different ways. For those with impaired vision, having an organized place for everything ensures that they can always find what they need. For someone who experiences arthritis, muscle weakness or limitations to muscle control, ShelfGenie’s Glide-out Shelving requires very little physical effort.

These are some of the solutions that ShelfGenie offers:

Pantry Solutions

Our Glide-Outs make your pantry easier to access, easier to organize, and even easier to clean. With convenient pull-out shelves, you’ll be able to reach even the deepest corners of your pantry.





Premier Pull-Down Shelving

Reach high spaces easily with Solutions that can be pulled down with the touch of a finger.

Under the Counter Solutions

Increase the storage space under your counters with Pull-Out shelving. 


ShelfGenie Shelves were featured in the Universal Design Living Laboratory. Read more about it here.

Each ShelfGenie solution is custom-built just for you. Whether you or a member of your family has limited mobility, your personal Designer will suggest the best solutions for maximizing the efficiency of your space. Call (888) 903-8839 to schedule your free consultation today and see how we can improve your access. 

Additionally, if you are in Canada, there is government funding available to those seeking renovations to make your home more accessible. Learn more here:

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