Is your Lazy Susan Just Plain Lazy?

If you have a Lazy Susan in your home, there’s a question you need to ask yourself: when it comes to an organized kitchen and being able to access what you need, is your Lazy Susan organized…or lazy?

You’d think the Lazy Susan would be a welcome addition to your kitchen. After all, it seems like a good way to store more items. What’s more, the turntable approach would seem like a convenient way to access what you need. But the real fact of the matter—and what’s apparent to many people with a Lazy Susan in their home—is that the Lazy Susan really does present its own set of frustrations.

Many homeowners express frustration at the lack of storage space on a Lazy Susan. If you think about it, the design of the Lazy Susan, really does limit what you can store there. For example, many items that are square-shaped don’t fit easily within the confines of the Lazy Susan circle.

Another problem is the spinning nature of the Lazy Susan. Imagine for a moment you’ve just gotten off a spinning ride at an amusement park. How do you feel? Wobbly, right? That’s exactly the problem with the spinning design of the Lazy Susan. Because it spins, objects must be stable enough not to tip off.

Fortunately, there’s an easy—and superior—alternative to the Lazy Susan. ShelfGenie’s Glide-Around can be installed into your corner cabinet. The Glide-Around combines the advantages of a Glide-Out and a Lazy Susan into one rotating storage unit. This corner cabinet solution turns once wasted space into an efficient storage area that is easily accessed.

This solution is easy, efficient, and cost-effective. And unlike that Susan, this solution from ShelfGenie is anything but lazy.

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