What is a Lazy Susan?

With a history that traces back as far as the 18th century, the Lazy Susan has stood the test of time, essentially unchanged. Also called a turntable, the Lazy Susan is a round or tray-shaped platform, that rotates on a set of bearings, and sits on a table or countertop to easily distribute food. Often used in upper and lower cabinets, the Lazy Susan also creates accessibility for storage in the kitchen. With a simple spin, everything on the tray or shelf is within reach.

Lazy Susans are typically made of wood or plastic but glass, marble, stainless steel, and wire may also be used. Types of Lazy Susans include D-Shaped, Round, and Kidney-Shaped.

Typically found in wall cabinets above refrigerators and pantries, the D-Shaped design has one flat side and one rounded side to allow the pantry door to close flush against it. The traditional Round design is usually found in base cabinets, or on counters and tables. The Kidney-Shaped design includes a soft, rounded triangle cut-out to accommodate the doors of a 90-degree corner cabinet.

Shelf Genie offers two solutions for turning wasted space into an efficient storage area that is easily accessed. One solution is the traditional Lazy Susan, which creates accessibility in upper and lower corner cabinets, but can also be used in any other style cabinet to provide a rotating storage system. Lazy Susan design is dependent on the door type, cabinet location, and personal preference. The other solution is the Glide-Around, which is a combination of a Lazy Susan and corner cabinet drawers.The Glide-Around can rotate 360 degrees, with drawers in the middle that fully extend, and additional storage space on the sides.

Although the origin of its name is still a mystery and will be likely lost to history, the Lazy Susan is here to stay. Whether you are looking to gain more storage space, or make items more accessible, Shelf Genie has you covered with solutions to meet your needs.

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