Replace Your Lazy Susan With Glide-out Shelves & Storage Solutions

Increase Storage by Replacing Your Lazy Susan with Glide-Out Shelves

If you could replace just one cabinet in your kitchen which would it be? Most people answer this question by replacing the cabinet that houses the Lazy Susan.

The Lazy Susan seems like it should be such a good answer to the space lost in a corner cabinet. It seems logical that you would be able to store more items on a Lazy Susan, than in a corner cabinet where you have to dig deep into the dead space in the back. However, the Lazy Susan does have limitations.

One limitation is that because the Lazy Susan is designed to spin, anything that is stored on it must be stable enough not to tip over. The Lazy Susan also has limited storage because of the circular nature. It is hard to store lots of square items because they do not fit easily within the circular shape.

If your Lazy Susan is not meeting your needs, why not consider installing ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out shelves into your corner cabinet instead. Our corner cabinet Glide-Out shelf solution involves the installation of two shelves into the cabinet. The first Glide-Out shelf slides forward out of the cabinet. When it is extended, it reveals a second drawer and set of rails set perpendicular to the first. The second Glide-Out shelf can then be extended providing you access to the back of your corner cabinet.

ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out shelves are an efficient and cost-effective storage solution to any cabinet in your kitchen. Each Glide-Out shelf provides additional storage, along with easy access to all the items in your cabinets. To have your Lazy Susan replaced with our Glide-Out shelves, call ShelfGenie at (888) 903-8839.

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