Storage Solutions for the Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet Pull Out Shelf

There is nothing more frustrating than getting down on the floor to get at the items stored way in the back of your blind corner cabinet. If you are like most people, you tried to fill up that mostly unusable space with items you don’t use very often. Many people store seasonal or bulky appliances in their blind corner cabinets. The only problem is that when you do need those items, you still have to unpack the whole blind corner cabinet. When you are ready to put that item back, the unpacking and packing process starts all over again.

ShelfGenie has designed a unique solution to the blind corner cabinet problem. Superior to the Lazy Susan, our blind corner cabinet storage solution takes advantage of all that valuable space, while providing you with easy access to items stored out of reach.

Blind corner cabinets are converted to usable space by the addition of two Glide-Out shelves. The first Glide-Out shelf will slide out towards you; the second Glide-Out shelf will slide perpendicular to the first within the cabinet. The second Glide-Out shelf is the secret that makes our blind corner cabinet solution remarkable. This second shelf allows you to access all the items in the back of the blind corner cabinet without having to unload the shelf or dig deep into the recessed space.

Our blind corner cabinet solution converts your lost space to usable space. 

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