You’re Retired! Now What?

Aging in Place

Today, many seniors are choosing to stay in a home of their choice while getting the help they need. In considering this option, an elderly person needs to plan for their care, home, and finances. Aging in place should improve or maintain a senior’s quality of life. Simple changes such as wheelchair access, expanded doorways, glide-out shelving, and other updates can be made to accommodate a changing lifestyle.

Independent Living Communities

These communities cater to seniors who are independent with few medical problems. They are often retirement villages or fully-equipped private apartments for seniors who can take care of themselves. Independent living communities typically have social outings and events that residents can take part in. In these communities, residents may even be able to arrange and pay for a certain number of meals per day.

Assisted Living

Seniors who are no longer able to safely live on their own may opt for an assisted living community. In these communities, assistance with medication, daily living, meals, and housekeeping are routinely provided. Residents usually live in private apartments but have access to 24-hour care. Meals are often provided in a central dining area, which also serves as a social opportunity. Scheduled activities and transportation are also available in most assisted living communities.

Nursing Homes

Some seniors require around-the-clock, skilled nursing care, or medical assistance. Nursing homes offer short-term care for patients who are recovering from an illness or surgery and long-term care for patients who have complex medical conditions. Rooms are typically shared, and meals are served in a central dining area unless a resident is too ill to participate. Social activities are also available in nursing homes.

Aging brings about a lot of changes. As we begin to plan for this next stage of life, it’s important to consider health, lifestyle, and budget when planning living arrangements. Having a clear understanding of all the options helps us decide how we want to live out our retirement years.

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